Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Report...Week 11

We're moving right along. I have really tried to create a relaxed learning atmosphere and I think I have succeeded a bit. I still expect attention and quality, but I am not so worried about how much we get done. We school year round and learning is just something that happens at our house. The boys have responded well to it.

History (Both)
The previous few weeks we studied the 13 colonies and why/how they were developed, the Pilgrims, and Native Americans. Now we have started using the information provided in our Times Travelers Colonial Unit from Homeschool in the Woods. I've added in some read alouds and literature for Magnus to read on his own. I've been reading The Sign Of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare to the boys and Magnus read Indian Captive by Lois Lenski. The projects take some time and planning, but we are having a good time doing them. The boys made a colonial type bed this week. They weaved the frame, sewed and stuffed the mattress, and weaved a blanket. Magnus really enjoyed sewing and Thane liked weaving.

Science (Both)
We've been reading through Hydrogen and the Noble Gases by Tocci this week. We learned about the Hindenburg disaster and watched it on The boys have also been narrating as we read. We weren't able to get together with our friends and do experiments this week due to sickness, but hopefully it'll happen next week. Below is Mangus' narration. Click on it to read it.
Language Arts (Magnus)
Things are going to be changing in this subject. Magnus is gifted with words and I don' t feel I am challenging him enough in this area. I read about a program written by Michael Clay Thompson that incorporates grammar, vocabulary, poetry, and writing. He's going to work through the "Island" level. I am excited to receive it and get him started on it.

Spelling...This subject is going well. We're loving Phonetic Zoo. This week we were on list 5 which is a review list so I chose words from his previous 4 lists that gave him trouble. He did well and is moving onto list 6 next week.

Writing...The charter school we belong to has a mandatory writing assignment the kids have to complete each year. I will not tell you exactly how I feel about this but will continue to bite my lip and be thankful for the resources the school provides us with throughout the year. Anyhow, he has to write a 3 paragraph persuasive letter telling us (his parents) why he would rather live in the country than the city. Anyhow, we started brainstorming ideas for it this week and plan to write it next week.

This got pushed aside this week. :o(

Literature...He read Indian Captive by Lois Lenski, 50 Favorite Burgess Stories by Thornton Burgess.

Language Arts (Thane)
Grammar...Would you believe we are still working on nouns (common and proper). S.L.O.W but a good introduction for him. I've decided to add in some fun picture books that explain what the different parts of speech are. He'll like it.

Phonics/Reading...He started a new program (well, new to us) called Headsprout. It's through the internet and it's teaching him to read. He really enjoys it and is getting a lot out of it. He doesn't get a lot of "computer time" so that is definitely a draw for him. We are still working our way through OPGTR, ETC, and his Pathways reader (Days Go By). I am really encouraged with his progress.

Copywork...didn't get to it this week.

Magnus...learning subtraction. Yep, we're a bit behind, but I'm not worried. He comprehends the concepts easily.

Thane...we worked a lot with the geo boards...pattering, creating shapes, mirroring. Also reviewed the "9" and "11" facts as well as the "2 Fives" strategy.

Tuesday...Drama (Magnus) and AWANA (both)
Wednesday...Fencing (Magnus)
Friday...Park Day and Fencing (Mangus and Thane)

This past Sunday, the boys and I got to hang out on one of Collin's shoots. He and some friends were shooting a trailer for a theater company's performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The boys were loving it...intense drama, amazing language, and sword fighting!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


My Lil' Cowboy and Mad Scientist

The cute, little girl the boys are standing next to is Maya. She lives above us but isn't really so cute when she runs from room to room at 6:30 in the morning. But since I am up now...she is cute. She and the boys play together a lot. She is teaching them words in Turkish and the boys are teaching her English. Oh, and her parents (whom we adore!) are geologists so the boys are learning a lot from them too!

Collin and the boys made caramel apples for us to enjoy. These were not ordinary caramel appples. No sir-ee. The caramel you are drooling over was made from scratch! Lots and lots of butter. And lots and lots of corn syrup.

They were super YUMMY!

Magnus thought so!