Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Times in Washington

This past week we drove 12 hours up I-5...or I should say "the 5" like they do here in visit Collin's family in WA. The last time we were in WA was July last year so this was a real treat. I (well, we) love WA.

We were able to spend some time over at Aunt K and Uncle D's house. Here are the boys with their cousins...

Magnus, Miss Aberlise, Thane, and Velvet Brown

Uncle D use to be a High School Science teacher (now in Pharmacy school) so he has all sorts of fun ideas to keep the kids busy. This visit, they made water rockets and launched them way high into the air...

Thane rockin' out with his "safety" goggles.

Seriously, these things went way high in the air! I was unsuccessful at capturing it on film. (Is it okay to say "film" even though it's digital?)

We launched them into the pasture behind their house where these guys live.

They also had a lot of fun wrestling with Grampa D.

Here are some random pictures from that day...

We also took a little trip up near Mt. Rainier to Federation Forest and went hiking. This place is beautiful! Moss just hangs off the trees like curtains...

White River flows through there so we had to stop and try our hand at sinking the ships...someone tosses a large stick up river and everyone else tries to bomb it with rocks. Grampa is quite good!

And finally, we spent some time on Grampa and Gramma's Pickleball court. If you don't know what Pickleball is, you can find our about it here. It was started in WA and is lots of fun!

Oh, and we also went to The Fair and had our fill of Fischer Scones!


Lisawa said...

What a great trip! You also came at a time when we had good weather!!!

So glad you went to the Fair!!!Sounds like a great trip!! I hope to see you next time....


Tina in WA said...

Hum... It looks as if you were at the Puyallup Fair? Correct?

Like Lisa mentioned, I would LOVE to meet you IRL. Hopefully it will work out next time you're in WA. *Ü*