Wednesday, December 10, 2008

31 things...

I saw this on Lisa's blog and thought I would do it too...

31 things about me...

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse, but should be on the charger

2. Where is your significant other? Do you mean my husband? I am so sick of my HUSBAND being referred to as that or my "partner". Anyhow, he is on campus doing something top secret.

3. Your hair color? Glossy I am told.

4. Your mother? Love her!

5. Your father? Love him!

6. Your favorite thing? This is family, hamburgers, the color pink, sitting on the beach and watching the waves, song birds joyfully singing (but not in the morning by my window!), curriculum, justice, the smell of lavender, I could go on but won't.

7. Your dream last night? Don't remember but if you give me a minute I could come up with something really good...

8. Your dream/goal? To one day work for Shared Hope International and be the first to lovingly embrace a girl/woman who was just rescued from the bondages of the s*x slave industry.

9. The room you’re in? What is referred to as the living room/school room in the Little Tiny Baby Pretend House

10. Your hobby? Trying to figure that one out. I really like bird watching.

11. Your fear? BEARS!!!!

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Hmmm...Collin will have just received his PhD so I guess living in England while he works as a visiting professor at Oxford or Cambridge!

13. Where were you last night? At the school table planning the rest of the school week. I girl!

14. What you’re not? living in TN with all my friends

15. One of your wish list items? Only one? Can't do more debt, to find a church here that is as great as the one we left in TN, friends, Collin to be happy in his work...okay, I'll stop.

16. Where you grew up? Numerically...The Hawkeye State; Maturity...The Volunteer State

17. The last thing you did? Put the boys to bed

18. What are you wearing? my comfy clothes

19. Your T.V.? TV...what's that?

20. Your pet? Peeve? People who don't use turning signals when switching lanes or turning

21. Your computer? Used and not working too well

22. Your mood? Anxious...Collin and I are going to watch The Dark Knight when he gets home!

23. Missing someone? Everyone who is not here!

24. Your car? Duh...a Jeep!

25. Something you’re not wearing? a smile...sad, but true

26. Favorite store? Target

27. Your Summer? Past...packing, selling, moving. Upcoming...not sure

28. Love someone? Yep!

29. Your favorite color? Pink

30. When is the last time you laughed? Some time today

31. Last time you cried? about 20 minutes ago

So there you have it...31 things you may or may not have wanted to know about me, but now do. :o)


Lisawa said...

LOL! Yo are a crack up! number 6 was cute! I have to say... in and out burgers are just hard to say no too.... I know you said hamburgers... but when you know that person who said it lives in California... well.. you know...

number 11... I knew that, and will have to agree!! But sharks just tip my freek me out scale...

number 8... I hope you can do that too! What a precious heart you have...

oh.. so how was the movie?? My son brought it home last night... he is still trying to talk me into it... Im not their just yet...

Im so glad you did this! Its fun!!

((((BIG HUGS))))

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

We love Target too....just have to drive to get there.

I hate things that ask "where you think you will be in X years". Ugh. It is so hard to think that far ahead and as I get older I realize more and more that I am in no way in control of how my life twists and turns. I think back six years and there is no way that I even could have imagined what my life would be like is so much better and bigger than I ever imagined. That is a gift from above I know it is....six years from now? Sky's the limit....Ben will be 19 and Amanda will be 29! Dave will be 1 year from retirement!

Great meme.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Just some guy...who loves you said...

We're on our way to better things, so hang in there. Question 32: Are you loved? Yep!