Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tid Bits

Well, this sickness has kicked my butt! I haven't been able to do much of anything. Poor Collin has had to pick up the slack during the most inconvenient time. It's the end of the quarter for him and he has had three twenty page papers and 2 presentations due within 3 weeks. No not good timing. But, he has been a trooper!

We haven't gotten anything done in the form of school this week. I am trying not to get down about it. Life happens. But, the boys have spent their days having battles with their Playmobil guys, drawing lots of pictures, reading lots books, dressing up and pretending to be many different characters, playing outside, and taking care of their mommy.

I have had some time to think about some things I hope to do with the boys in the coming few years.
...I know the units we will cover for science next year and I have been gathering information for them.
...I purchased a few books about the orchestra and am going to plan a fun unit for that complete with a lapbook.
...I have gathered some great materials and information for a study on the 50 states. Now I just need to figure out when and how to add that in.

We have been enjoying clear, blue skies, filled with sunshine. The temperatures have been in the mid 60's. We've been able to have our windows wide open during the day and the boys have spent lots of time outside. Guess there are some good things about CA.

I got three new cds for my birthday:
...Patty Griffin, Children Running Through (waiting for it to grow on me)
...Madeleine Peyroux, Half the Perfect World (Love her!)
...Jars of Clay...Redemption Songs (Fantastic! Course, everything they do is.)

I lost my voice Wednesday and I still can't find it.


Lori C., Texas said...

Hope you feel better! I wish we had some 60 degree weather. We have to go out in the rain and cold here in a little while to co-op. I want to stay home!:)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Hey.....there are a lot of great things about California. :)

Just you get allergies? The Sacramento Valley is a difficult place for those with allergies. I spent a weekend in Modesto for a homeschooling convention two summers ago and lost my voice for three weeks after an allergy episode....tons of stuff in the air.

If you continue with the sickness, loss of voice, you might think about trying some allergy meds to see if it helps.

We saw something today that I was wishing you had seen with was magnificent, awe inspiring and just a few miles from my house. A *million* poppies blooming and that is not an exaggeration.

Hope you feel better soon.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

zelda said...

Bummer, Brittney. Feel better soon!

Who dat homeschooler... said...

Today - back on track. Way to go, Brittney!

If I knew you IRL, I would give you a hug *grins* lolrowh (lying on linoleum reading Oscar Wilde, honey)