Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Report...Week2

I learned something about myself this week. I am not flexible. If I have a plan or an idea of the way something is suppose to go and something happens to throw it off, I have a hard time bouncing back. It is especially difficult when you are the mother of a child who has his own ideas about things and is just as inflexible as you! Hopefully this will be a year of growth for the two of us.

History (Both)
I've decided to not continue our pirate study. The book I was using became rather detailed in it's description of pirate life and I (and Collin) didn't think it would be appropriate for the boys to hear. So we finished up a few mini books and began piecing our lapbook/notebook together. I am not prepared to start our Colonial Unit yet, so I am not quite sure what we are going to do for the next few weeks. Maybe we'll do an Orchestra Unit I have worked on or complete the Giant Panda Lapbook from homeschoolshare,com Thane has been begging me to do.


We did some great projects and cool experiment with atoms, molecules, and elements. Click here to see what we did!

Bible (Both)
We are using Bible Study Guide for all Ages for the first time this year. The boys are really excited about it because Dad is joining in. We open with a reading from The Book of Common Prayer, we pray together, and then Collin reads the selection from the Bible. I complete the timeline, maps, and worksheets with them. We're learning about Joseph right now and the boys are retaining a lot of details.

Language Arts (Magnus)

Grammar...completed a few lessons in Growing With Grammar.

Spelling...List two of Phonetic Zoo level A is giving him some trouble. However, he is persevering and not letting it frustrate him...too much. He is determined to get the "ie" rule down.

Writing...I ordered IEW US History Based Writing Projects and am waiting for it to get here. Not sure if we will use it or just do our own thing using the SWI A.

Copywork...I wrote a post about how we do copywork here.

Literature...Magnus read Robinson Crusoe last week and then created a scence from the book using his Playmobil guys. Who says Playmobil isn't educational?

Language Arts (Thane)

Grammar...Still working on common and proper nouns this week. He is catching on pretty quickly. He recited The Caterpillar several times again this week and is very proud.

Phonics...I am not ready to post about our plan for this yet because I still have to figure it out. I bought him a first grade reader from the Pathway Readers and he has enjoyed reading that too me. He also completed a few sheets from his ETC workbook.

Copywork...If you missed the link under Magnus' LA section, you can get to it here.

Magnus...Learned about Roman Numerals

Thane...Learned how to add 4 digit numeral together. I was amazed at how fast he understood. He said it is fun.

Latin (Magnus)

Did I say we were going to add this in this week? I don't recall ever saying that!

Nature Study (Both)
We observed some really cool spiders...

Fun Day Friday (Both)
Composer Study...We have been listening to Bach all week.

Artist Study...Still working on this, but we did look at and discuss some pirate pictures painted by Howard Pyle.

Art Project...The boys drew some squiggly lines with pencil, traced over them (hard) with crayon, and then painted the design with watercolors. The finished products were lovely.


Monday...Played some fun, organized games with the group of homeschoolers we get together with for weekly play dates.
Wednesday...fencing lessons (Magnus)
Friday...Mad Scientists!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week! :o)


Lori C., Texas said...

I am having a hard time getting to Latin of any kind also! I was thinking about doing the pirate diary unit study with my boys I guess I better look over that book! Thanks for the heads up!

I love your art project what a great idea.

Kristine said...

Looks like you had a great week & the art project sounds like fun!

krazzymommy said...

Looks like a full, fun week!

Flexibility...need to learn some of that myself. ;)

Just some child... said...

"It is especially difficult when you are the mother of a child who has his own ideas about things and is just as inflexible as you!"

If that's a veiled criticism, I don't accept it, and I won't respond to it! I am not a child.