Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Report...Week 23

One word can describe this week: distracted. Not sure what was causing the distraction, but it was ever present. However, we pushed through it without a significant amount of tears, and had a productive week regardless.

History (Both)
We read a great book called George vs. George that tried to show both sides of the Revolution. I must admit, Magnus and I have been struggling with some complex issues as we are studying this together. Did King George have a right to tax the Colonists in order to help fund the French and Indian War? Did the Colonists have a right to claim the land further West, displacing the Native Americans yet again? These are just some of the questions that were brought up and discussed. I know there are many different answers with many different sides that can be taken and I'll be honest, we weren't able to come up with concluding answers to some of them. I just know that it had been an emotional journey for Magnus.
We added to our timeline, completed a mini book that will eventually go into our notebook, and watched several School House Rock videos and an Animated Hero Classics about George Washington. Magnus also read Can't You Make Them Behave, King George by Jean Fritz. He absolutely loves Fritz's books and cracks up at them.

Science (Both)
NOEO Chemistry I is turning out to be a lot of fun and is doing a thorough job of introducing chemistry concepts to the boys (and me too!) This week we talked about ways to weigh and measure solids and liquids. The boys made a "spring scale" out of a cereal box and elastic string. They calibrated it and marked the weight in grams. Then they weighed several small items and recorded the data.

We talked about measuring liquids by way of volume and discussed density. We did several experiments to figure out the density of a few liquids. Looks like we'll be doing some more next week too.

Language Arts (Magnus)
Grammar...We are finished with his grammar book, but we are working our way through the Teacher Resource section in the back of the book for review.

Poetry...This is going to be fun! We talked about how poets intentionally use certain words because of their sounds to convey a feeling or mood. Magnus pointed out that Shakespeare did it with his lines from "A Midsummer's Nights Dream"...
"You spotted snakes with double tongues."
His use of the "s" and "double tongue" bring your attention to the sound a snake makes with his tongue. It almost "flicks" as you say it. Right on, buddy! Gotta love a kid who can quote Shakespeare!

Writing...He finally finished writing his final draft about Sea Snakes. He was wanting perfection. I was just wanting it done! We compromised. He moved onto outlining and writing the first draft on Desert Tarantulas. He did the rewrite all on his own and did a pretty good job. There won't be many changes for his final draft. He really "gets" words.

Spelling...Moving right along to list 11.

Literature...I've lost track of how many and which books.

Language Arts (Thane)
Grammar...I read a story and he was able to identify the pronouns. We also talked about initials and he likes the idea of using his first and middle initials with his whole last name just like JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis.

Reading/Phonics...Completed a few episodes of Headsprout and is doing better with the "silent -e" in OPGTR. He is getting better about not flailing around too much when he sees me bring out the big blue book. Now he is able to contain it to just the couch. How many of your kids have that reaction to OPGTR?

Spelling...I am following the program (AAS) as outlined and it is working wonderfully for Thane. Magnus gave me fits when I tried to do it with him, but Thane enjoys it. He especially likes trying to "master" the cards. The only work that gave him trouble was "job". He spelled it "gob". Too much Arrested Development, I think. Just kidding. I don't let me kids watch that!

Writing...We worked through the second week of WWE. He only gave me a bit of trouble...okay...a lot of trouble...when I asked him to copy the longer sentence. I told him I would set the timer for 7 minutes and he was to do what he could in that amount of time. He smiled and was up for the challenge. He wrote it beautifully, and had 1 1/2 minutes remaining.

I introduced them to Times Attack. We are only doing the free version, but they both liked it. However, they have to do it without the sound because of the growling they hear in one part of the course. Glad they are being responsible and knowing what will give them nightmares.

Magnus...We worked on a bit of geometry and learned how to draw with a T Square and a triangle. I think he liked it. He also enthusiastically played some Right Start Card Games.

Thane...He worked some more on multiple digit addition and learned "greater than" and "less than".

No comment.

Fun Day Friday
Life happened and Fun Day Friday wasn't so fun...again. We did study another painting of NC Wyeth and finished up some stuff for history. It was beautiful out so Park Day with our homeschool friends was very much welcomed. Magnus also fenced with a friends at the academy. He is greatly improving and enjoying it.

Monday...Library Day
Tuesday...Drama (Magnus) and AWANA (Both)
Wednesday...Fencing (Magnus) and we're still trying to get Thane started with rockclimbing.
Thursday...I can't remember
Friday...Park Day and Fencing (Magnus)

That about does it! Thank you for coming to our open house. See you next week! :o)

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Daisy said...

Okay, the no comment under Latin is hilarious!

BTW, my daughter is 10.5 and really wrestled with the same issues you and Magnus have with Am. History this time around. Glad to see our children moving into that logic stage.

Can I ask how you introduced your children to Shakespeare. My daughter has read through the retellings but wants to jump into Midsummer Night's Dream on her own. Still not sure she can hand the real thing on her own. Did you read it aloud to your children or just let them go for it?

Great update. I love the science photos.