Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Report...Week 31-33

I can sum up the past 3 weeks in just one word...rough. And that is all I am going to say about it.

History (Both)

We're finishing up the Revolutionary War. I had grand plans, but fell short. Remember, rough. The Liberty's Kids DVDs have been a real blessing. We've read some books, completed a map of the battles, and finished our timeline. I feel, in spite of the last few weeks, we all gained a greater understanding of freedom, loss, and liberty.

Science (Both)

We finished NOEO Chemistry. I chose not to do the rocks and minerals part because we will be doing an extensive unit on them next year. We did have a first-hand experience watching the life cycle of a butterfly. If you missed our pictures you can see them here. This week, Magnus worked on his Wolf lapbook from Homeschool Share while Thane and I completed some of his Giant Panda lapbook.

Language Arts (Magnus)
Well, remember the "roughness" of the past three weeks?
Grammar...I have decided to put MCT aside for the remainder of the year and pick up with it next year. He doesn't have a great knowledge of punctuation, so I found a great site and printed off some worksheets.

Writing...IEW is working wonderfully. He has been inserting his own ideas into the stories he is supposed to rewrite, and I like that initiative.

still working through Phonetic Zoo. He is on list 15.

Language Arts (Thane)
Without going into great detail, I have been investigating and researching the possibility of dyslexia. Nothing severe, but things I am concerned about nonetheless. I am in the process of revamping his entire language arts program. In the mean time, we'll continue with WWE and reading through the All About Reading Beehive reader.

Math (Both)
We're almost through Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 in the Blue Series and will immediately go into Addition & Subtraction 2A. We've been playing a lot of games to aid in our quick retrieval of facts...Zeus on the Loose and Count Down are among the favorites. I've decided to continue with Math Mammoth next year and will have the boys work through the Light Blue complete curriculum. I may also have them doing Right Start Level D, but I haven't yet decided. Oh, and our estimation jar activity continues to be a big hit!

Not doing it anymore. At least not this year. There. I said it.

Fun Day Friday
We met with our charter school adviser and that takes up most of our morning. She brought a big box of goodies I had ordered which included art supplies from Dick Blick and more math games and a few books from Rainbow Resource. The boys wanted to use their new watercolors and brushes so that was our school day. Then we headed to the park with our homeschool group.

Monday...Winnie the Pooh Rehearsal (Magnus), Library
Wednesday...Fencing (Magnus), Rock Climbing (Thane)
Thursday...nothing :o)
Friday...Fun Day Friday, Park Day with our Homeschool Group

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Norah said...

Sounds like a good week. I love reading what others are doing and looking at new ways of teaching. I did get a few ideas from you.

Carrie said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog!

How sweet is that second picture?! Sibling relationships is one of my favorite things about homeschooling!

P.S. Love that first pic, too! ;)

Dusty Whiskers said...

Love that top picture. So much energy and personality!