Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Happens...

In the past 8 months, life happened. I didn't blog about it. I lived it.

Note to self: Don't regret not having a record of our homeschool year. There is always next year.

October 2010...
We had the most AWESOME Halloween party ever! We recreated Dracula's mansion in our Little, Tiny, Baby, Pretend House. The atmosphere was spooky yet elegant.

Our friends came dressed as characters from novels...'cause we're nerdy like that.

Collin was Count Dracula and I was Mina Harker:

December 2010...
Collin and I got dressed up, left the boys with a sitter, and headed out for a night on the town. 3 minutes after leaving our house, plans changed. We were cruising along in the middle lane of the 5 lane interstate when the car ahead of us ran over a mattress and spun out of control. Yes, A MATTRESS!!!! We weren't able to avoid the mattress and ran over it too. Collin was able to stop before hitting the cars ahead of us, but the car behind us wasn't. We got rear-ended by a car going 55-60 mph. He then bounced off us, hit a car to the right of us, causing that car to hit us. The recoil from the whiplash caused us to break our seats. We were able to get out of the car and wait for the emergency vehicles. All-in-all, there were 7-9 cars involved in 3 separate accidents caused my some moron who didn't take the time to secure his load.

Collin and I were able to ride in the same ambulance to the hospital, but then we were in separate rooms for 3 hours while they checked us out. Thankfully, whiplash was the only injury we received (although I have been having a heck of a time with it and my right arm going numb). After we got off the phone with our parents, Collin looked at me and said, "Still wanna go on our date?" What a man! He arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the hospital and take us downtown. We got take-out, watched MST3000, and iced out necks together. True love!

January 2011...
"It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand."
The Cherokee was our only car. The insurance totaled it and gave us a nice check to purchase another car. Another JEEP! We got a! This is our family's 6th jeep. Collin knows these babies inside and out.

(Mother's Day camping trip 2011)

We had the pleasure of taking it to the Mendocino National Forest for some off-roading.

Also in January, Magnus turned 10! Double digits! 10!

February 2011...
We hosted a fun party celebrating the Oscars.
I turned a year older and didn't freak out about almost being 40.

March 2011...
Collin and I celebrated 13 years of weddedness!

(My brother's wedding June 2010)

We were also able to find a GREAT deal on a tent trailer! Its 32 yrs. old and in fantastic shape. Camping just got a lot easier.

April 2011...
Girl's weekend in Las Vegas!! (Yes, my husband is awesome!)

Lisa (L) was my roommate through college and Jean (R) I have known since 1987 and also attended the same college. They are wonderful friends.

May far...

Mother's Day camping trip at Henry Cowell State Park. It's in the Santa Cruz mountains among the redwoods and 10 minutes from the beach. Perfect location.

We also celebrated Thane's 8th birthday!

Life coming up...
A trip to Washington at the end of the month to visit family and attend the wedding of our cousin.
Mid June into July we're going to visit family in Iowa.
July-September you'll find us at the pool lying under palm trees. :o)


Heather said...

It is SO good to read a post again! What a beautiful 8 months of love, family, challenge, and grace. Man, do I miss you.

mommyx12 said...

That's a grand 8 months. Thanks for sharing.