Friday, August 1, 2008

Left turn signal...arm straight out. Right turn signal...arm bent up at elbow.

We have a new hobby!!! I am so excited and can not get enough! The best part about it is we all enjoy it! Are you curious? It's biking!!!!!!!!

We are moving to a community where there
are more bikes than cars. Everything is easily accessible by biking or walking. In preparation for this, we have gone on some bike rides around here. Yesterday we did a total of 10.5 miles...the boys included! From doing this, we have concluded that some changes in our transportation are going to have to take place. We purchased this great "bike" for Thane on We got a really great deal on it too!It attaches to the seat post of mine or Collin's bike. He pedals right along with us. He loves it!

We are looking for a new/used bike for Magnus. Currently he is riding his little 16 incher and the poor kid can't even extend his legs. We are hoping to find a 20 in. mountain type bike for him. Something he'll be able to ride for a few years.

Collin has plans to modify his mountain bike...upright han
dle bars, softer seat, fenders, and some other stuff.

I am trying to decide between modifying my mountain bike or getting a multi-speed beach cruiser. I am leaning towards the cruiser idea. I would like something like this with baskets on the backside and front handlebars! Oh, and pink! Or, mint green. Again, I will be searching endlessly on Craigslist. We are also heading to a flea market this weekend to check out their selection.

Hopefully I'll remember my camera on one of our little outings and post some pics of us on our little adventure!

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zelda said...

I have one of those little cruisers...the Black Betty. Its the best. Black with pink accents and the valve stem covers are dice. It was an anniversary present I think. Caveat...the wide handlebars take some getting used to and aggravated the carpal tunnel that I acquired during one of my pregnancies. Its all good now.