Saturday, July 26, 2008


Recently there was a thread on my beloved Well Trained Mind message board. Someone asked, "What does your dh (dear husband) do for a living?". Here is a sampling of the jobs that were posted...

*Highway Patrol Officer
*Self Employed Carpenter
*Youth Pastor
*High School Teacher
*Clinical Psychologist
*Electrical Engineer
*Comic Book Artist (Corey...did you catch that?! YOU can do it too!!!!)

Wanna see what I posted?

"My dh will be starting his PhD. "stuff" in English this fall. He's going to be the best University professor in his field, but we really hope that'll be his part time job. He wants to write...and I think he'll make it."

After I posted this I got to thinking..."Are people going to think we have our heads in the clouds? A writer? Full time?"

Yep. A full-time novelist. He's got talent. A lot of talent. And no, I am not just playing the "supportive wife" role. There have been other "dreams" I have not been so supportive of.

Collin and I are dreamers. Sometimes we dream big, but even though our heads are in the clouds, our toes are still touching the ground. In the past years, we have learned that we have to be careful what we dream due to the fact that they usually end up coming true.

Some of those dreams have included...

*Moving to Nashville and working in film and video (Collin) as well as the Christian Music industry (both). (LBJ...did you know we use to work at EMI? Tee hee!)
*Being in a band...Collin was the front man for his band "Fellow".
*Backpacking around Europe...this dream has come true twice!
*Homeschooling my boys...coming up on my third year!
*Learn Marital Arts/Kickboxing...short lived, but we did it!
*Have a pet snake...Steve.

Dreams we are hoping to fulfill...

*Collin becoming a full-time novelist, part-time English professor.
*Living abroad...preferably in France, but anywhere in Western Europe would be fine.
*Me going back to school to become a Herpetologist. I love reptiles!
*Own/live in a house, with some land that has lots of trees and a creek/river, enough for chickens, goats, sheep, and cow.

What are some of your dreams? We'd love to have some company here in the clouds!


Dawn said...

My husband is right there with yours re: dreaming of being a full-time novelist. He's also very talented, and I pray his dream eventually comes true. He worked for years as an editor for various video game magazines which makes his current law career seem boring. I would love to live on a Greek island. Ahhhh...dreamin' is fun. :)

Linda said...

I would love to write children's books. Our "Papa" has been telling stories of "Cinna-bear" to all of the grandchildren for years, and I would love to put pen to them. Along with that I would require Erin, our oldest at almost 19, to illustrate them for me.

LBJ said...

I love my dreamin' Daveys! You inspire us all, you do. Why else would I hang out with you?

I guess I might hang around for karaoke and the one-legged man jokes, but still.

Very good blog, I think it describes you and your dh very very well :) Love you!