Monday, May 4, 2009

Independent Lapbook Studies

Magnus and Thane both enjoy making lapbooks. If you are not aware of what a lapbook is, check out this great squidoo lense for an explanation. We create lapbooks alongside our history and science studies together, but the boys also enjoy working on them by themselves.

Thane is almost done with his fish lapbook and I will post pictures of it soon. He really took ownership of it and it was neat to see.

Magnus began a lapbook on George Washington and needs to complete it soon. He'll be working on it the next few days.

The next ones the boys chose to work on are:
Magnus...Gray Wolves. He just finished reading White Fang by Jack London and Homeschool Share has a great Gray Wolf unit/lapbook he wants to do. We went to the library and stocked up on books for him to read to fill in the mini booklets with facts.

Thane...Cooking. Yep, he is my lil' chef. He can't really work on it by himself yet, so I will be involved, but I am going to make sure he does most of the work. We found a Cooking unit/lapbook at Homeschool Share for him to do. He'll be learning about kitchen safety, tools, and nutrition as we work through it.

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krazzymommy said...

Thanks for this link...I'm thinking we may try our hand at this next year.