Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Summer Schedule

Summer is here. I have had the plan set and now I have the daily schedule. (We NEED the structure of a schedule!)

Some things I needed to consider:

1. The days are HOT! Luckily the mornings can be tolerable so the boys need to get outside during that time to get their wiggles out.

2. I like having the house clean before we do school.

3. I need to have some "me" time during the day. (This is easy since the boys have always had quiet time.)

4. I want to have some quality time with my boys that isn't centered around school. (Of course, learning can still take place!)

Here is what I have come up with: outside (during this time I will clean)

11:30am-lunch...time with Mom (reading, playing games, baking, ect.)

(about an hour)

After school...quiet time (first 1/2 hour-reading, next 1/2 hour-quiet activity; Mom time)

After quiet time...chores and then free time 'til dinner

Of course, we will be flexible so that we can include time for activities outside of the house. For example, on Tuesday's we will meet our friends at the park for water gun fights and twice a week our student housing community sets up a huge inflatable water slide for the kids. We also have plans to go to the zoo, the Train Museum, and other fun places. Oh, but we are taking a break from our studies for three weeks in July while we are in Iowa visiting my family! I can not wait!

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Jenny said...

I'm (finally) starting to realize we do better with more structure too. Like your blog; just discovered it tonight through HSS.