Thursday, June 25, 2009


He is our new frog. At least we are pretty sure he is a frog as opposed to a toad. He is really too little for us to tell. He is only about 1/3 inch big...which is why Magnus named him Beans.

We found Beans by the dumpster. He isn't a "wild" frog because we found him in a plastic terrarium with sand, water, and plants. It was obvious he was someone's pet. Someone who did not care about his well being.

We took a little trip to the pet store and picked up some food and cleaner, less abrasive sand. We made a real nice home for him in what used to be my pet snake's (Steve) terrarium. We created a half wet/half dry environment for him since that is what we gathered he needs.

The boys have been able to get pretty close to him and observe his every move. Hope Beans doesn't mind it!


~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Poor little thing! I'm glad you found and rescued him.

Just some guy... said...

If you see Bean's family, tell them to get help. He has been abducted by giant aliens and is being held under observation.

Joi said...

Beans is very lucky that you found him. He looks like he is enjoying his new home. :)

I love the name.