Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magnus' 4th Grade Picks

Magnus is going to be in fourth grade. Did you hear me? FOURTH GRADE!!

Collin and I have been talking a lot lately about giving Magnus more independence and responsibility this year. We haven't quite figured out how that is going to look, but it is on our minds. On thing's for sure, he's going to be doing more writing (physically) this year than was previously expected of him.

Magnus and Thane (2nd grade) will continue doing this subject together. We're going to continue with US History focusing on the people and events after the Revolutionary War but before the Civil War. We'll be using the Time Traveler Early 19th Century cd from Homeschool in the Woods as our spine. The boys really enjoyed the projects as we worked through the Colonial Times and The Revolutionary War cds last year. I am sure this one will not disappoint either. We're going to stretch it out to last the whole year by adding in lots of books and videos and by doing more in-depth studies on American Indians, Lewis and Clark, the Pioneers, and CA State history.

Magnus and Thane will continue doing this subject together. Magnus has expressed interest in becoming a missionary doctor like his hero, David Livingstone, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a unit on the human body. We'll be using the Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body as our spine. Yes, it is a little below his level, but I created this unit two years ago and I don't feel like redoing i
t. Besides, it'll be a good fit for Thane. We'll be doing activities from Head to Toe Science by Jim Wiese, Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body by Donald Silver, and the My Body book by Teacher Created Resources.
We're also going to be doing a unit on Earth science which will include topics such as geology, weather, natural disasters, and the ocean. I still have to plan it, but have a massive amount of books I borrowed from a friend.


Magnus and Thane will continue doing this subject together as well. I am pretty sure we will stick with the Math Mammoth Blue series. It's easy to teach and the boys understand it. I may add in Right Start Level D if I feel MM is not getting it done. The boys have worked through RS Levels A-C already. We will also continue reading books from the large list at Living Math and playing lots of games to reinforce the skills they are learning.

Language Arts
Last year we switched to Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts program. Magnus worked through the Grammar Island book and started on the Music of the Hemispheres Poetry book. It is an absolutely incredible program and one that fits his learning style to a "t". We're going to review the Grammar Island book while working through
the Practice Island book and then continue on with the Music of the Hemispheres and Building Language vocabulary book. Once the Island Level is completed, then we'll move onto the Town Level.

Not sure if we're going to do the writing portion of the MCT curricula yet. We've been using Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Writing Intensive A and I believe it's a great fit for him. It's straight forward and he enjoys doing it. He's going to be taking a writing class, this year, that is using the Medieval History Based Theme Writing Lessons. I'm very excited to have him take a class from someone other than me!

As far as spelling goes, he'll continue working through Phonetic Zoo which is also produced by IEW.

There is also a possibility of him joining a Great Books discussion group. This would be an answer to prayer! Magnus wears me out with his talking and asking questions. Don't get me wrong...I love it. He is curious and sees connections and needs to
discuss things, but I can't always do that with him. It'd be great for him to be able to share with others and contemplate their ideas too.

I tried to teach it to him last year and I failed miserably. Thankfully, he'll be taking a Latin class this year using the Latin for Children program.

The Atelier Art program was a big hit last year. We'll continue
working through the DVD modules as well as other projects found in Artistic Pursuits and Discovering Great Artists.

Not sure which artists we are going to study this year, but I am pretty sure a couple will be Van Gough and Renoir.

Other Stuff
Mindbenders, Building Thinking Skills, Typing,and Handwriting Without Tears Cursive.

He'll continue with fencing and drama, as well as, AWANA.

I'll post Thanes stuff soon.


Umm Fatimah said...

Hi there,
Your school looks well planned, I hope it goes well for you guys. :-)

I've recently brought MCTLA Grammar Island also [I couldn't wait till next Jan which is when we will start] and am a little lost on how to schedual the lessons. The body of the text reads as a story which has me thinking. We're currently using WTM materials [WWE&FLL] which has spoiled us in terms of structure I think lol. This is our first yr at homeschooling, so I needed that before I guess. I hoped you could give me some advice, or better yet share your schedual with us! :-)

I wish you all well, and look forward to hearing from you

Jess said...

oooh! I liked the Great Books series. I taught that curriculum in a 6th grade Charter School Elementary school classroom. SUPER awesome. Lemme know if you ever have questions! The kids LOVED the shared inquiry circles!