Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Plans

It's already started heating up this summer. The humidity has made an appearance and I am dreading another summer in the south. I don't like heat. I don't like humidity. I really don't like the sun that much either. Move me back to the Seattle area and I will be a happy camper! I hope the "dry" heat they have in Northern California will, in deed, be different.

Anyhow, after I took a look at where we are in each school subject, I discovered we are behind a bit. It's to be expected when one changes curriculums mid-way through the year. We are having to play catch up with Story of the World, Right Start Level B and Growing with Grammar. No biggie. I have a plan.

June...we are going to move to a 5 day school week instead of a 4. We will be able to do school this whole month without any interruptions...I just cursed myself! Collin is going to teach history to the boys to help me out. Magnus is going to to a lesson a day in math instead of 3 times a week like we have been. He is going to continue doing 2 lessons a day in his grammar studies. Thane is fine. He only has the C book to finish in the Get Ready for the Code series. That will be completed by the end of the month...maybe by the end of the week with how much he likes doing it!

Then comes July...this month is going to be tricky. The first week and a half, we will be going through everything in the house and decided what we are going to be able to take with us to CA and fit into our 594 sq. ft. "little tiny baby pretend house". Then, the items we are not going to take with us, I will have to clean and tag for the consignment sell I am participating in the middle of the month. I have sold at this sale many times and have made quite a bit of moola. Especially the year I sold all of our baby gear. Hopefully that will be the case this year since we will be going broke paying for gas in a moving truck to go across country! Then, we will probably get started on packing things up for our move in August. As far as school goes, I plan to have Magnus continue doing a lesson a day in Math and complete a lesson of grammar during his quiet time.

August...CA, here we come! Not quite sure on the date yet. This month we will continue packing, then loading, then driving, then unloading, then unpacking. Wanna come help? Ugh! We have moved more times than I can count! Okay...this will be our 15th time in the 10 years we have been married!!!!! (That number does include moving everything into storage 4 different times.) Anyhow, on the way out West, I am going to have the boys listen to the SOTW on cd and do the coloring pages. Then we will be caught up on history. As far as math goes, I think we will only have a few lessons to complete in Level B. I am going to continue playing the games with him and give him some review sheets to complete. Grammar should be done by now.

As far as activities this summer we will be participating in the library's summer reading program (they have a lot of different activities planned...magicians, puppet shows, animal acts, ect.), swimming, canoeing, local festivals and fairs, and packing! I'll keep you updated on our progress!

***Edit*** Ugh! I just realized the boys have VBS next week. Not sure when we will be making up that week. I'll have to figure something out.


*Ü* Lisawa said...

Sounds like a plan!!! I like it...

the edit at the bottom reminded me of my plan I posted a few weeks ago.... I kid you not, right after I posted mine... our water pump went out and we were w/o water for 3 days here at the house... almost 3 days, Saturday morning till Monday afternoon. yuck! lol

I have realized, something is bound to come up once I set something in motion... I figure its Gods way of testing me how much I am willing to be flexible... heheh

This is a test... this is only a test...

Love VBS! Does the one you are taking the boys to have a theme??


Tina said...

Praying for you!

At least you have some sort of plan. Like Lisa said, things always pop up. Praying you'll be able to work through them with ease! :)