Saturday, June 28, 2008

We Have Visitors!

The other day, we were taking a family walk on the trails of our local park. The middle part of our journey usually involves stopping by the river to explore and throw rocks. We were amazed at how low the river was. In fact, it was so dry that it wasn't even running. We were walking on dry ground where it usually flows! But, there were areas that still had water so we checked them out. Holy cow! Tadpole city! There were so many and none of them had grown legs yet. Being the homeschool family that we are, we saw this as a teaching moment and decided to bring some home.

Our catch of the day included about 50 snails, 12 tadpoles, 2 craw fish, and a big water bug with lots of tiny eggs on it's back that have since hatched! We used Steve's (our long gone corn snake) terrarium/aquarium to set up our habitat. The river also flows through our yard so we are able to get more water for them when it's needed and it'll be easy to place them back when we have to. We're having a good time observing them.

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Tina said...

Wow! That is neat. We need to see a picture of the habitat you created. :)