Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great time in Washington last week. Our days were filled with lots of snow, delicious food, loving family, and new friends.

Our trip up was not without incident though. The mountain passes were not too bad, but once we hit Salem, the roads were awful! Apparently, that part of OR is not use to having that much snow hit all at once. We were told the Portland area received over 2 ft. in 36 hours! Not a good time to be traveling. Anyhow, just outside of Portland, we ended up sliding across 3 lanes of traffic, high-centered in the median. No one was hurt and the Jeep was okay. We tried for awhile to get out...Collin is very good at this sort of thing with all of his "muddin'" experience, but we weren't moving. Wanna know something? We have 4 cars...8 people...stop and try to get us out. Keep in mind that it was cold and they were knee deep in snow trying to push us out. Restored my faith in humanity! After about 30 minutes, an off duty officer was able to pull us out using a tow rope. Wanna know something else? He came by just as Magnus finished praying for help to arrive. We decided to stay the night in Vancouver and see how the roads would be in the morning. They were good.

Washington got hit with a bunch of snow too and it was enjoyed by everyone...

And more pictures...
These fantastic kids...ahem...and young adults, are the reason I ever considered homeschooling. They are bright, caring, hilarious, joyful, God loving, fun...I could go on, but I won't. I love them and feel blessed to be a part of their family!

And more kids I am honored to be "Aunt Brittney" to. My nieces, who are also homeschooled (are you seeing a pattern here?) are also very bright, energetic, caring, giggly, fun, ect.

And let's not leave out my in-laws! Our relationship grows deeper and stronger every time we get together and I am grateful for them! (And I'm not just sucking up!)

Some highlights from the visit:

Tuesday...played in the snow, made snow forts, and had a snowball fight. Well, I took pictures.
Christmas Eve...went to Church and worshiped. Definitely a highlight! Enjoyed the hospitality of Collin's sister's family.
Christmas...Celebrated the birth of our Savior and my mother in law! She cooked the most fantastic meal! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Visited with the beloved Allen family (Collin's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins) but I had a gigantic migraine and had to go home.
Friday...Doug and Janie (Collin's parents) planned an evening of incredible music, yummy food, and much needed fellowship at their house. They invited friends from their church to come over and share their talents. I had the privilege of meeting a blog reader and now I know her too! Hi Sara...and David...can I call you that?
Saturday...had some time out with my Love. Visited with more family and had a great time doing it!
Sunday...had a safe trip back to Cali.

That about covers it. Hope you had a joyous Christmas! Now onto homeschool planning...


Sara in WA said...

So great to have a new hs friend. Looking forward to your next visit and following your blog. I just may get a blog going and of course you can call him David! Be encouraged the Lord has you just where He wants you. It's something the Lord has been teaching me.

Just some guy... said...

Ah, all our wonderful family and friends. If you're reading this, we love and miss you!