Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Family Hike

The temperatures have been amazingly warm. Since this is our first January here, I don't know if it is just a fluke or if this is normal. No matter. We are taking every opportunity to enjoy them!

We took a hike (a relatively short one) around the Yolo County Wildlife Area. There are a massive amount of birds in the area as it is a resting point during their migration. Being the (amateur) bird watcher I am, it is a lovely place for me to be.

My dear, sweet husband got me those binoculars for Christmas. He did good!

We saw...

Great Egrets
(Image borrowed from the net)

American Coots
(Image borrowed from the net)

(Image borrowed from the net)

And this guy...

Great Horned Owl
(I took this picture! Which is why you can't really see him. However, I hope to change that as I am saving up my money to buy a new camera with a really good lens!)
I checked him out with my binoculars and he had the most amazing yellow eyes! I was very excited as I have never seen one of these beautiful birds! Oh, and it was the middle of the day...weird for an animal that is nocturnal. Guess he was suffering from insomnia!

Here are some other pics from our day...

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Just some guy... said...

Great pictures to show off a fun day. Too bad we're not shoveling snow, though.