Sunday, January 25, 2009


HaPpY 8th BiRthDaY!!!

(big jump in ages since Mom and Dad are storing our photos at their house)

Please join me in wishing our boy a very HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY!

(If you would like to read about the day he was born, you can do that here. It's kind of funny!)


OkinawaMama said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a super day!
Laura in VA now in Japan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Magnus!
Wow you're eight years old today! I can't believe it. So much time has passed since you used to come to Miss Terri's and jump in mud puddles! I hope you have a very special birthday. You are very special to me.
Miss Terri

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Magnus!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Magnus! I hope it's the best one ever. It would be grand to be eight years old!

Michelle in MO

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Magnus! We can't wait until you come to visit again. The boys enjoy playing with you so much. We hope you have a great 8th birthday!

The Ricketts

Lisa said...


Kara said...

A song from Ben;
"Today is your birthday,
what do you know!
Today is your birthday...(looking out the window)
don't you like snow?"
You'll enjoy this much more if you give a little shimmy and shake. He would do it for you if we were there, you'll just have to imagine it for yourself!
From Leah(with her very best impression playing a bugle): Happy BBBBBBBirthday, Calvin!!!

Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday!
Love The Daniellos

Dawn E said...


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Hope you have a day filled with fun, tons of cake, unlimited juice :) and cool presents as you celebrate with those you love the most!

Dan, Dawn, Riley and Sawyer

Sailmom said...

Wow, happy 8th birthday kiddo!!! We hope you have a great day! :)
Love, Darien, Kyla, Kiera and Declan

Lori C., Texas said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a good one!

karenciavo said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day.

zelda said...

Happy, happy birthday! You probably already know this but, boy, do your parents love you. Eight is it up!

Konkadoo said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!

I haven an eight-year-old and he's had a great year so far. I think it must be a fun age to be.

Here's hoping for a fantastic eight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

From Anissa and all my family. Including Ky who says he can't remember the best part of being 8.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Magnus!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

SKOOTS - I just happened to come out to work after I took Nana to work. I got on my computer and looked at the pictures of you starting from day one. We are so amazed that today you are 8 years old. You are growing up way too fast! I know that your Mom & Dad will have a fun day planned for you. We both love you and miss you so very very much. We are always thinking of all you guys and the new things you are experiencing out in California. Have a great birthday and tell Mom to send me some more pictures.

We love you a ton . . .
Poppy & Nana

TrevorandMurray said...

Happy Birthday, Magnus!!! We remember the day you were born and how much joy you have brought into all of our lives. We hope you have an extra special day. We miss you!!!

Murray, Trevor, Max, and Milly

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from the cattle, chickens, horses, dogs, cats and of course the people here on the ranch!

Remudamom and the bunch

Leila said...

Have a wonderful, blessed birthday, Magnus. Here's to being 8!

Miss Leila :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eight!

Eight is GR8!

I hope you have a wonderful year; you have already given 8 years of joy to your family--add another one! Or 90!

Happy Birthday, and may God grant you many years!
Patty Joanna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - hope it was great!

Genevieve said...

I know this is in the 11th hour, at least on the East Coast...

Happy Birthday! Eight is one of the best ages, you are halfway ready to drive :)

Mandi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
I don't usually get on the internet on the weekend becuase I'm in front of a computer for work 4 hours a day. I can't believe you're 8 years old. I remember loving to babysit you in Tennessee with Mindee and later coming to see you in Murfreesboro and thinking your knights and horses were the best toys a boy could have.

Laura Beth said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Magnus! :-)
Love you and miss you bunches,
Laura Beth

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Magnus! My how time flies! You were one cute baby and now you are growing up to be a smart, caring, handsome young man. May God bless you this year with great joy, peace, and growth (both spiritual and physical:)).

With love-

WA Grandpa & Grandma said...



Just some daddy... said...

Happy Birthday one more time, Baby Spaceship! I love you, kid!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Magnus. You are growing into a fine young man. I am very proud of you. Grandpa Davey

Anonymous said...


I can not believe how big you are since we last saw you. We are so proud of how well you are doing in school...keep it up. Can not wait to see you in can wear my stinky Hat!!!

Love you Buddy
--Uncle Corey and "Future" Aunt Erin-- :)

Linda said...

Happy, happy, birthday to you!!!!
Especially for you from the west coast, the biggest on-line birthday hug that you could ever imagine!! We hope you had a grand day celebrating your eighth birthday! There are two boys here that wish they could have been with you to hoot and hollar for you on your special day!!

All our love,
The Craig A. Stocktons

Wes said...

Lieber, sehr geehrter Magnus (beloved and very honorable Magnus), a belated birthday wish to you! Congratulations upon the high achievement of your eighth year. I have read that the number 8, for Hebrew scholars, is a very significant number, and this is appropriate since you, sir, are quite a significant young man. It is the number which signifies the beyond-perfection, super-natural provision of God's strength and blessing. So. In light of this being your eigth year, I not only wish but pray that this be a year for you to experience and see God's extraordinary workings in your life. Alles gute zum Geburtstag!--Wes