Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Day Was Made

I heard thunder today! THUNDER!! We NEVER hear thunder anymore. It just doesn't do that here. One of my favorite things in the whole world is thunderstorms. I am a happy girl.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Hi Brittney,

Most of our thunderstorms come in the summertime in Northern California. Our family laughs when we watch a movie and they show San Francisco and doesn't happen often and a lot of time we get thunderstorms and no rain. My husband is kept in business in the summertime because of the dry lightning.

Anyway, your post made me smile.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Sailmom said...

LOL! You should have heard my kids yelling when that thunder hit! It came out of nowhere and was really loud only once. We'd heard a rumbling earlier, but we thought it was just a container ship heading up to the Port. (They go right past our house, so we hear them a lot.) The sky over the bypass looked really weird. It was very cool! Did you get the hail too?

A few years ago, we had a whole night of thunderstorms. It was pretty crazy, and my girls still remember it. :)