Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Narration, Dictation, and Copywork

I "found" something that may help me do narrations, dictation, and copywork with Magnus. I say "found" but I have actually looked into using it before, but decided against it. I didn't understand how it "taught" writing. The method seemed very elementary to me. (I know...Magnus is in 'elementary' school.) However, since having to deal with his issues in writing and getting it worked out, I have decided to check this "something" out again.

The lessons are broken up into 4 lessons per week. Perfect! We school 4 days a week! (I should say do "seat work" 4 days a week.) They include narration (which I have not been doing but wanting to), copywork (which we have been doing, but now it will correlate with his writing lesson), and dictation (which we have not been consistent with).

What is this "something"?

It's Writing With Ease. We are starting Level 2 next week. I'll let you know how it goes!


Lori C., Texas said...

We are loving Writing With Ease. We are still on book 1 but my boys love it. They like the stories. They are not excited about the copywork(some are long)but they love the narrations. Hope you all like it!:)


Sara in WA said...

(Pardon if this is a duplicate comment)

We have yet ANOTHER thing in common! Freaky (in a good way). We started WWE awhile back, but are just now getting into the swing of it and it's good.
- Sara