Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Report...Week 28

Well, after being in "survival mode" last week, I have officially declared this week and next SPRING BREAK! However, we're not taking time off from school entirely. We're just going to have a lighter load. Here is what we managed to accomplish this week:

History (Both)
George Washington took command of the Continental Army this week. The boys watched the appropriate Liberty's Kids videos, we read George Washington by D'Aulaire's, Magnus read a Landmark history book (George Washington Frontier Colonel by Sterling North), and we added to our timeline and map of the Revolutionary War battles.

Science (Both)
We took a break from NOEO this week. As much as we enjoy the experiments, I just was not up for it. The boys watched a few animal DVDs and I called it "good". We've enjoyed watching birds, especially the humming birds, helping themselves to our feeders. Oh, and the boys learned how to make fire using a magnifying glass and the sun. Not sure how I feel about that.

Language Arts (Magnus)
Writing...We corrected and improved the first draft he wrote last week and he wrote his final draft.

Language Arts (Thane)
He completed a few more episodes of Headsprout, did some copywork, and read aloud to me.

Math (Both)
This was our first week of doing math together. I printed off the Math Mammoth Blue Series books we are going to be working through and placed them in 3 ring binders. We did several pages together and I didn't hear much complaining. In fact, Magnus said he liked doing MM better than RS...Thane disagreed.

Latin (Mangus)
Don't go there.

Fun Day Friday
Not much fun. We have a visit with our charter school advisor but then we are meeting our homeschool friends at the park this afternoon for some gun and sword fighting. We'll be ready for the Apocalypse...will you?

Thanks for stopping by! Maybe I'll have pictures of the beach to share next week!


Daisy said...

Gun and sword fighting! LOL, sounds like our homeschool park day. My husband laughs because no way would that fly at his public school.

Light weeks are nice. I'm looking forward to ours next week.

Karen said...

The question is of course - are they metal or foam swords - because I've seen homeschool groups that use both. ;) Gotta love those weird homeschoolers.

Sounds like a great week.

Moonbeam said...

I am LOL about the magnifying glass and sun. I caught my son under the deck yesterday trying to make a fire by rubbing sticks together. We had a discussion about the destruction a fire can cause and where it might be best to make a fire (in a fire pit ONLY with adult supervision). He seemed very disappointed his plans were foiled.

Robyn said...

Nice to have a more relaxed week! I need to do that more often! I just ordered MM through the co-op... we use MUS, but I'm going to supplement with MM... I will be interested to see how you like it!

Just some guy on spring break... said...

You forgot Firefighter Thane! There was no danger with him around.

Great week, Homeschool Heroine! (The feminine form of "hero," not the drug)