Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Report...Week 29

We didn't have a typical school week. We took it easy, had fun, but still managed to learn stuff.
History (Both)
I let James and Sarah of Liberty's Kids teach the boys this week. They learned about The Declaration of Independence, Washington crossing the Delaware, and Molly Pitcher. Magnus also read another Jean Fritz book, "Will You Sign Here, John Hancock".

Science (Both)
I didn't plan anything this week, but we did get a lesson about squirrels. Some students on campus have been collecting data about reproduction in squirrels. They have been trapping them, marking them, and giving them birth control shots. read that right. Birth control for squirrels. We were able to watch and ask questions. The boys got to see a male and a lactating female up close. It was pretty interesting. We also studied butterflies, but I wrote about that in the Fun Day Friday section.

Language Arts
Magnus...He read a paragraph and completed a keyword outline.
Thane...Completed a few episodes of Headsprout and continued reading to me from Sam the Minuteman.

Math (Both)
Math took center stage this week and probably will for the rest of the school year. The boys completed some worksheets from Math Mammoth and I got a shipment of games from Amazon. We had a lot of fun with math this week. If you missed my posts about it, please find them here and here. You won't be sorry for clicking on the links.

Fun Day Friday

We're "growing" butterflies and received our caterpillars in the mail yesterday. Today we read a book about their life cycle and the boys drew their own butterflies and labeled its parts.

Our picture study included another painting by NC Wyeth called "A Fight In the Forest".

Magnus named it "A Deadly Quarrel" and Thane liked "Indian Defeat". Thane discovered that if you turn the picture around and look at it from various angles, different parts of the painting jump out at you. Picture study still continues to be a favorite part of our week. So glad I finally got off my tush and planned something.

In the afternoon we met up with our homeschool group at the roller skating rink. I was a little nervous taking the boys since they have never been on skates and it's been nearly 15 years for me, but we had SO much FUN!!! Magnus got the hang of it pretty quickly and Thane was able to do a good job too. I saw my life flash before me only once! We're hoping to do it again real soon.

Oh...great news! Magnus auditioned for a part in our community theater's production of Winnie the Pooh and he got cast for Christopher Robin! 32 kids auditioned for 9 parts and the director said he was "perfect"! Guess I'm going to be a stage mom now! ;o)

Monday...Audition for Winnie the Pooh (Magnus)
Tuesday...Drama (Magnus) and AWANA (Both)
Wednesday...Fencing (Mangus)
Friday...Homeschool skate at the roller rink

We're hoping to go to the beach tomorrow and on Sunday, Collin and I will be celebrating 12 years of weddedness! :o)

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Cyn said...

Sounds like a great week. Hmmm- not so sure about rollerskating- I'm too scared that I would break a wrist! Good on you for giving it a go!

Faith said...

Wow, congratulations on your son getting the part of Christopher Robin. That's wonderful. It looks like you had a great week. That math game looks fun! I should be more games/hands on with my 8 yo. I think she'd love it.

I enjoyed reading about your week!