Friday, January 11, 2008

Then there were 3...well, sort of.

Magnus decided he was going to run away today after I told him he could only have one piece of toast for breakfast. After an episode of talking back and disciplining, he started packing. I knew what was going on but acted like I didn't. He came out into the living room and said, "Mom, will you come into my room and look at the pile on my bed?"
Mom-"What is this, Buddy?"
Magnus-"I'm running away."
Mom-"Well, I hope you will change your mind."

After a few more minutes of packing he went into the pantry.
Mom-"What are you doing?"
Magnus-"Packing some food?"
Mom-"No. That food is for our Team. (We refer to our family as a "team" a lot) And if you are running away, you aren't part of the Team anymore."
Magnus-"Well, can I have a garbage bag? I don't want to litter when I am out."
Mom-"No. You can use a Kroger bag when you stop and buy groceries. How are you going to pay for your food?"
Magnus-"I don't know."
Mom-"Looks like you are packing a lot of stuff. How are you going to carry it all?"
Magnus-"I don't know."
Mom-"Where are you gong to sleep?"
Magnus-"Can you get my tent and sleeping bag out of the attic?"
Mom-"You'll have to ask Dad."

Then, after all of this, he actually sat down and did his school work. Later he told me he decided he wasn't going to leave until the day after tomorrow. Not sure why though. Then he decided he wasn't going to be gone but for only a few days.

Thankfully he came to me later and said, "I don't think I am going to leave. I will miss you."


LisaWA said...

Oh.. my 2nd child did this. She didnt pack, but she made a list, and wrote a note fo rus and what we were to do with her stuff. She even had a map to where she would be! She might have been 7???

I should look for that... we saved it. The thing had so many mis spellings... I had to! *Ü*


andie said...

How adorable. And well played, Mom. :-)