Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekly Report

Ever have one of those weeks when you have every intention to begin something and it just doesn't work out that way? Me too. In fact, I took the week off from everything having to do with homeschooling, except for posting my Wordless Wednesday post. I needed the break. I was stressing out about it. Now it is Saturday and I hope I have a new perspective on things. Had a pretty decent week though...

Monday...New Year's Eve...I had a girl's day out! My friend, Kara, and I spent the entire day doing things that needed to get done, and some that didn't ;o), WITHOUT kids! It was fantastic! I got so much accomplished and it felt great! Wanna know something else? I was in bed, asleep, by 10:30 pm. Pretty pathetic, huh.

Tuesday...Happy New Year!...We scoured the boy's room and made room for all of the Christmas gifts. Well, we tried. That Playmobil Roman Coliseum and I are going to have "words". Holy Cow, that thing is huge and we have no place for it. We have to store it in pieces and the boys have to put it together when they want to play with it. I showed them how to fold their clothes and put them away in their dresser and how to hang up their shirts and place them in the closet. The laundry has gotten out of hand and I hope this will help.

Wednesday...AWANA started up again so Collin and I were able to have a date. We went to dinner and had some great, uninterrupted conversation. Oh, and I was FINALLY able to get The Office Season 3 at Blockbuster. We don't watch t.v. so we are always a year behind the times.

Thursday...We had Book Club, but no one else showed up at our friend's house. So they kids were able to play while Kara and I did some planning.

Friday...We spent the afternoon at Kara's again playing and planning. For dinner we met our friend, Laura Beth and her boyfriend (LBJ, can I call him that?). Then they came over and we talked some more. Great conversation and laughs. We had a nice time.

This weekend, well today, I hope to...
1. Get my Christmas stuff put away
2. Do a little bit of planning for school
3. Check out and prepare our new spelling program, All About Spelling, that came in the mail during my break from homeschooling.
4. Clean my room
5. Organize our c.d.'s (should there be an ' there? I never know?)

Next week, back to work! And I am ready!


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is great. I love your report.

Karen aka Testimony on WTM boards

Wee Pip said...

Fun week! The Roman Coloseum sounds fun (love playmobile!)

LisaWA said...

I have to say... I almost didnt make it New Years Eve.... We had company too! lol

The girls day out sounds fun! Love those times...

We begin school this coming week too. I am looking forward to it, and then not. *Ü*

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you accomplish all you need to!


LBJ said...

Yeah, I guess you can call Nathan that :) Your blogs are great, Britt! I love reading them !!