Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rediscovering lost love

Some of my fondest memories from when I was younger had nature as a backdrop: canoeing down the Cedar River with my parents, spending Christmas on the beach in FL in '86, acting as a camp counselor for two summers in MI, and taking camping trips with Collin and our friends during the first part of our relationship in WA. Somewhere along the way I forgot how much I enjoy observing and experiencing nature. In spite of Collin's repeated attempts to get us outside, I have resisted this for years, with a few exceptions.

I am excited because I am now recapturing my enthusiasm for nature. I find myself looking for the next opportunity to get outside to enjoy walks, weather, wildlife-that is, until the 90 degree + temperatures hit. Here are a few of the activities that are helping us enjoy God's creation.

Backpacking trips through Western Europe. This picture was taken in the Swiss Alps.

When the weather is agreeable we have been going on many hikes.

We enjoy being around water skipping rocks, sinking "boats" (logs that we have launched), and listening to the waves lap up against the edge.

Collin taught the boys how to fish in the river near our apartment. They came back empty handed, but their faces were bright with smiles.

I really enjoy observing birds. This is new for me as I have never ever paid attention to birds in the past. I like watching them line up on our fence and wait their turn for a snack at our feeder. I love listening to them call to one another. The colors of their feathers are amazing. I hope to construct a bird habitat complete with nesting boxes, a bird bath, and several different types of feeders soon.

I am also learning to face a huge irrational fear of mine...

If it's been awhile since you have enjoyed your natural surroundings, I would encourage you to take a short walk in your neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, and kick a rock or two.


LisaWA said...

ROTFL!! My favorite is of you and the bear book! heheh that’s priceless!

The boys skipping down the path is just heartwarming....

But... the cream of the crop.... is the picture of you with the Swiss Alps as your spectacular backdrop! Now that is experiencing nature! What a wonderful experience that must have been??

shhh... I did cheat a little posting early... its just between us right?? hehehe *Ü*

Happy... Almost WW...


my5wolfcubs said...

Hey, is that you in your homeschooling uniform?? :)
I love the pictures you shared and your sentiments -- growing up, nature was a huge part of my life too(camping, living on 2 acres w/ a pond, canoeing in the boundary waters of US & Canada, etc) but now...I prefer my fingernails clean and pose over the keyboard. LOL Gotta change this!

Zelda said...

Oh heck no. I'm terriied of bears too. Once we were at a hotel in Yosemite and were standing on the balcony after dinner watching people walking back to the hotel through the parking lot with their doggie bags and we saw a bear sitting at the edge of the lot! A BIG bear. We called the front desk and they were all, "Oh no! A bear? At Yosemite! We'll get right on that...Jim, get the pic-a-nic basket!"

Not quite that bad but they weren't as alarmed as I was.