Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekly Report

We have had a terrific week! We got so much done and my house stayed clean, for the most part!

We are on Chapter 18 in SOTW. We learned about Crete and the Minotaur. The boys were really into this topic as they love Myths. We created our own erupting volcano with a bottle, clay, water, vinegar, and baking soda. It was pretty cool. I found the D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths on tape from the library and they have been listening to that nonstop. I think Magnus has read that book at least 15 times, cover to cover, since receiving it for Christmas.

Nature Study
Oh man, are we excited about this! This is exactly what our school week needs. I posted about this early in the week and you can read about it here. Unfortunately, I don't know where the pictures went that I uploaded on that post so I created a slideshow here for your viewing pleasure...

Magnus-Language Arts
We finally hit a bump in the road. He was working on alphabetizing in his dictionary workbook and he was having a lot of trouble. School has come really easy for him and this was the first time he was being challenged. After a spurt of "I can't do this", we were able to work through it and he completed the lesson all on his own! It was a big victory for both of us.

We have taken a break from doing a "formal" grammar program until my Language Lessons books come from Queen Homeschool. We ordered them over two weeks ago and the company said they should be here any day. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. They are going to be a great addition to our new way of doing things.

Spelling is moving along quickly. Magnus has complained about having to use the letter tiles so I am not making him use them, but to write the words out instead. This seems to be a good compromise for the lessons the tiles are not really necessary for.

We have also incorporated copywork again. His handwriting has improved dramatically and he actually likes writing now. It was a good idea to put it up for a time since he was just getting frustrated with it.

We worked in our ETC books again. He enjoys doing them. We worked on the letter "b" this week. He has been pointing out the "b" and "f" sounds to me whenever he hears them. It's getting a little old, but I know it is good practice for him.

This week he learned how to write equations and what parallel lines are. We have been pointing out different lines in the house and when we are out and determining if they are parallel or not. It's a fun game.

Sketch Tuesday
We are participating in Barb's at Heart of Harmony sketch Tuesday. The boys really enjoyed seeing the pictures they drew of their beds on someone else's blog. Today, for Fine Art Friday, they will be drawing something that represents the state we live in. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see what they came up with.

As I have mentioned before, we are so excited about the direction our school is taking. Charlotte Mason's philosophies make sense. I am still looking more into her idea of lots of short lessons through out the morning. I am not sure if that will work for us. I may try it. I am also going to look more into her ideas of habit and handicrafts.

Thanks for coming along on our journey. Be sure to check back next week!


Lori Carr said...

I loved the slideshow. What great pictures.

Daisy said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. I'm always interested in what you are doing with your boys. I have a wiggly Kindergartener and you have great ideas. I've heard a few blogs mention sketch Tues. I'm going to have to check that way. BTW, I could see one slideshow but something under it was blank? I never did figure out how to add the photobucket slide show to my blogspot. Maybe you can drop me a note??

Wee Pip said...

Great week! I can't wait to see your implementations of some of Charlotte Mason's methods:)

Mama Peep said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your post oozes enthusiasm!


PS. My boys don't like the tiles either. I thought they were going to be a big hit, but I guess not.

my5wolfcubs said...

I'm excited about the direction your school is taking too -- hope your queen homeschool stuff arrives soon! I've spent some time looking at their sight...the handwriting books are my favorite.

LisaWA said...

Hi friend... great week! I’m so glad you posted more pictures! They are great! You must have a camera I want too!! lol

I noticed on the sidebar that your hubby was accepted at a few schools.... any ideas of where you may go??? I’m so sad WA is n ot on your list! If you ever come this way... you must let me know!! *Ü* I would love to meet you in RL.


Lori Carr said...

Did your stuff from Queenhomeschool come yet? I ordered mine last Saturday and it came this Saturday! I am wondering if they put mine through faster because they charged an extra $150 on my credit card and had to give me a refund!:) I am so excited. I may just switch right now instead of saving it all for next school year!:)

TheTutor said...

Tag! You're it!

I decided to create a meme because I am getting over the flu and having a hard time concentrating on anything meaningful. If you'd like to participate, you can find the information here:

If not, no biggie.

How are your nerves waiting for the acceptance letters to arrive? Still praying for you all here.