Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekly Report

We had another great week! We accomplished everything I had hoped and had lots of time outdoors enjoying the springtime weather. I also had a little time to look over and adjust our schedule...again. The only thing I was not able to complete was our birdfeeder journals. That will come in time though.

History (Both)
We read Chapter 21, The Medes & The Persians, in the SOTW. Magnus was very much taken in by the Persians and even remembered hearing a story (50 Famous Stories Retold) about the 300 Spartans fighting the Persians. We found the story and he read it to us. I then had Magnus narrate it back to me. He has a photographic memory...when he wants to...he retells stories nearly word for word. The boys also made their own silver plates since silver was of great value to the Persians.

Language Arts (Magnus)
Spelling...this is going great! Worked on initial/final blends again. I dictated words and phrases to him and he did quite well.
Grammar...We talked more about the Robert Frost poem he was copying and revisited capitalization usage at the beginning of sentences. Still loving Queen's Homeschooling resources, but not pleased with the customer service...long waits for purchases to be received and the wrong items being sent. Ugh!

Dictionary Skills workbook...worked more on alphabetizing. This was giving him some problems a few weeks back, but now he looks forward to the challenge!

Math (Magnus)
This week we talked about quadrilaterals, partitioning and adding tens, and introduced hundreds. I thought he was going to be stretched a little, but I was wrong. He grasped the concepts quickly. I allow him to work with the abacus if he chooses to, but he is not dependent on it...which is good. I will admit, we have not been playing the games for review like we had been, but that is going to change. I understand the importance of review and using the games for that.

Phonics (Thane)
He is almost finished with the first book in the Get Ready for the Code set of 3 books. He worked on K, T, and is now on R. I ordered Language Lessons for Little Ones volume 2 for him to add more review, introduce him to picture study and narration, but it has been a fiasco trying to get it from Queen's Homeschool. Hopefully I'll get it this coming week.

Nature Study (Both)
Unfortunately, this did not get done as far as utilizing the Green Hour Challenges created by Barb. However, the boys have been participating in programs designed by the local nature center. You can read about the Tuesday program here. I still have to write about Thursday's program, but here are some pictures...

These are some of their buddies who attend a lot of the same programs in the area that we do. They are learning about different habitats and this lesson was about neighborhood habitats. They we suppose to locate the four things needed in a habitat (food, shelter, space, and water) in the neighborhood we were walking through.

The Bradford Pear Trees are in full bloom and prettier than ever!

Fine Arts Friday (Both)
We have not been consistent with doing our sketches for Sketch Tuesday, so for fine arts this week we made sure we got them done. You'll have to check back on Tuesday to see our masterpieces! Even *I* did one!

Tea Time (Both)
I am so glad we are doing this! It really breaks up our morning without throwing things off. We are still reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children this week and will be for the next 10 weeks or so. I also got some books of poems written by Robert Frost and read from those. Unfortunately, I think Thane is only participating for the snacks, but what do you expect from a 4 year old.

That about covers it for this week! Be sure to check back for next week's update!
Hope you all have a great Easter! He is risen!


The Sparks Circus said...

Looks like a great week!

LisaWA said...

Fantastic! Your week sounds great... can’t wait to read more about your adventures dear!

I still have not completed my challenge... on the site anyway... got the reading done, and we planted starts, but no walks. :( I doubt I will write a post till Monday... in fact I’m taking a blog break till then...I will get to everyone else’s weekly reports then too.

Just wanted to stop in and see how you are, how your week went... looks and sounds all is great!

Have a wonderful Easter my friend... He has risen!



LisaWA said...

Oh! I just read the side blog?? Do you know where you will be moving to yet?? *Ü*


Lori Carr said...

We had some problems with also. We got our stuff in about 2 weeks but they charged my credit card almost $300 for $80 worth of stuff. But luckily, the refund my money quickly. I love their language arts!

We have a Bradford Pear in our front yard and its flowers are already gone!:(

We had a wonderful Easter Vigil and Easter day sevices. Hope you all are well and have a great Easter day!:)