Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Tiny Baby Pretend House...the kitchen

Welcome back to the mini tour of the Little Tiny Baby Pretend House. Previously, we viewed the boys' room and the bathroom. Today I am going to walk you through the kitchen. I happen to love my kitchen. It's small, but laid out very nicely and has ample storage.

This is the view from the living/learning room. I love my cafe lights because they remind me of the cafes in Paris. I have a little goldfinch bird perched on them, but you can't see it too good in this picture.

Going counter clockwise, here is the rest of the kitchen.

This big green dresser and vintage hutch hold all of our craft items, Collin's wine collection, and our household items such as bills and files. I had decided that I wasn't going to use my blog to discuss politics or activism (Yes, it pains me because I DO have a lot I want to say!), but I guess from this picture you can see who I am supporting.

I have a gas stove. I love my gas stove. This is the cleanest stove I have ever had and not because it doesn't get used, but because it is so easy to clean! I also think the stainless steel fan/light is pretty cool. Collin hung up some under the cupboard stemware holders to hold his ever increasing specialty drink glasses. Sadly, we haven't had an occasion to use them since we left our friends in TN. Oh, and that is the Eiffel Tower in the corner on my counter!

This is the view I see as I (and Collin too!) hand wash the never-ending mountain of dishes. I have 3 different bird feeders hanging, but only a couple humming birds have come to visit. Kind of depresses me. The plant you see is the heartiest little thing ever. IT WILL NOT DIE!!!

I like my sink too. It is just one bowl and is very deep. Great place for all of the dishes to hide!

Would you believe that this space is designated for a washing machine? Not a dishwasher, but a clothes washer. We sold our set before moving here and lucky for me the laundry room is only about 30 yards away. I thought a good use for this space would be to shelve my canisters. Oh, and those are my beloved aprons hanging on the side of the refrigerator. I love wearing aprons. Makes me feel feminine, but not in a barefoot, pregnant kind of way.

And finally, the refrigerator. Our command central.

Once again, thank you for coming on the tour of the Little Tiny Baby Pretend Kitchen! Be sure to check back again as we still have the Living/Learning room to view!


Lisawa said...

I am lovin this tour de France of your little tiny baby pretend house! Its so cute!!

I’m guessing you like pink?? I like all the ol school containers you have... I like vintage....

The lights reminded me of Paris too!! Only thing... I have never been. :( But still!! Its what came to mind....

I love your casa... its beautiful... and you made it a lovely home.


Lindsey said...

I enjoyed the tour immensely. I also have the vintage canisters and love aprons. I like your decorating, very much my style. :o)

Just some guy... said...

I like your style, too, but in a more personal, less kitchenal, way...

zelda said...

I am loving this series. Totally digging your whole retro/vintage vibe. You need some Anne Taintor in your life.