Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekly Report...Week 5

I have learned something about our family, especially me and Magnus...we need structure. He and I both thrive on structure. We need a plan. We need goals. Not that structure is always welcomed, like having to live on a strict budget, but it works. We know what to expect and we know where we want to end up. So, with that being said, we have continued working diligently through our structured weeks and all is good.

Tapestry of Grace (Both)
This week's topic was about the Rise of Islam and Muhammad. It was a little tricky presenting this information to the boys. We follow Christ and while I believe it is important to understand other religions, there is a fine line you have to walk with impressionable minds. I appreciated the way HE Marshall wrote about it in The Story of Europe and am anxious to hear how Susan Wise Bauer presents it in SOTW, which we will read next week. The other tricky part is figuring out how to talk to Magnus about it so that he doesn't go around the community...which is VERY diverse in ethnicity and religion...trying to convert everyone. Don't get me wrong, I love that he likes sharing his faith and is not ashamed of Christ, but he doesn't understand how to share it in a way that won't offend or completely close the listener off. He is only 7 afterall. Guess that is something Collin and I can teach him to do.

History...This is the first week of week 3 for us (remember, we are doing each week in two weeks) We read about Muhammad and his creation of Islam. We also finished reading about Monks, Life in a Monestary, and Illuminated manuscripts. Magnus has expressed interest in me teaching him calligraphy.

Geography...Located the Arabian Penninsula, Mecca, and other areas greatly associated with Islam.

(check out the sleepy snarls Thane is sportin'!)

Literature...I didn't have him read anything in particular this week, but as many of you know, his nose is always in a book!

Timeline...We added Muhammad and Abu Bakr. The boys have enjoyed coloring the figures and making connections with other people we have studied.

Lapbook...We finally started our Middle Ages Lapbook this week. I purchased one from Knowledge Box Central and am customizing it a bit. This was a good decision on my part, as the boys have really engaged in completing the various "books" with their very best work. They are proud of what they have created so far.
Here is an example of Thane's work for Muhammad...

Here is an example of Magnus' work for the Illuminations book...

Language Arts (Magnus)
Grammar...still working on the different verb types. I let him complete his work on his own, then I check it and he has to correct any mistakes. This week, he had a lot of mistakes and I discovered that he is not reading the instructions, but just doing the work as he thinks it should be done. Wrong-o kid! So, he has had to have a bit more supervision in this area and it is paying off.

Spelling...someone on the WTM message boards listed this great link for spelling. You type in the spelling words you are working on for the week and then it creates games for you to practice with. After you feel they have had enough, it gives them a test. I let Magnus play a little with it this week. he took the test and you know what?!? He is still missing the words that end in "-es" like as in "dresses" and "kisses". Ugh!

Phonics...continued working in his Explode the Code workbook.

Phonics (Thane)
We worked on the letters G, H, and I. He continues to enjoy SSRW, but he has been begging me to teach him how to read. I am giving it thought as to whether or not we finish the first book or just move onto the second. Can cutting and pasting picture that beging with that letter really cement the phonic's sound? Not sure. Besides, he will be getting all of the "letter" stuff through Mrs. P's class at the charter school.

Speaking of Mrs. P's class...Thane was unable to attend die to a gas leak in the building. Sad.

Magnus...worked on telling time and counting money.

Thane...continues to be his favorite subject. The other day we were in the car and I had bought something for $3.21. He said, "Mom, how much is 8+4? Nevermind, I know. 12." I knew exactly what he was doing and it brought a smile to my face. "Mom, you could have given him 12 quaters instead of 3 dollars!" Holy Cow! That is a pretty complex concept for a 5 year old! He also needed to know that it takes 4 quaters to make a dollar. Anyhow, math is going good for him. He worked more with recognizing amounts with the tally sticks and basic geomentry.

Science (Both)
This has been kind of bland and I have been trying to think of ways to spice it up. This week we were studying destructive storms and it spoke about the "Killer Tornadoes" that hit the Midwest in Apirl of '74. 148 twisters were reported that day, killing 315 and injuring 5,484. I was two and wondered if any hit Iowa, so I googled it. Fantastic videos popped up on youtube. We watched one and the boys were in awe, as they should be. Those things are massively destructive. I have lived through several. None hit IA that particular day. Here is Magnus' picture narration...

He is very proud of his creative way to write the "T" in tornadoes.

Tomorrow we are going to set up our own weather station and start keeping statistics of our own.

Magnus continues to enjoy his science class with Ms. Carla. Now that Darien (Sailmom's son) has been able to come, he likes it even more!

Latin (Magnus)
Yeah...we started Song School Latin this week! Let me just say that this program is going to be great and a fantastic introduction to Latin. Magnus (Thane listened too) learned 5 vocabulary words and 3 songs that contain them. We have been trying to use them all week instead of the English word. It's been fun.

Alright, Thane's class being cancelled really through me for a loop. I didn't have anything planed..see the first paragraph :0)! So I decided we were going to have some fun. We worked a bit on our lapbooks and then made this...

(He has smiled like this for every picture since loosing his bottom teeth! Too cute!)

This stuff is amazingly cool. Not real sticky and loads of fun to play with. The boys have had hours of fun playing with this.

Here is the recipe...

Solution 1
One cup of water
One cup of glue
10 drops of food coloring
Solution 2
1 1/3 cup warm water
4 tsp. borax laundry booster

1. Mix ingredients in solution 1 together in a medium bowl.
2. In a second meduim bowl, mix the ingredients of solution 2 until the borax is completely dissoved.
3. Slowly pour solution 1 into solution 2 BUT do not mix!
4. Roll solution 1 in solution 2 4-5 times.
5. Lift solution 1 out of solution 2 and knead for 2-3 minutes. It will get less watery.
6. Store in an airtight container or ziploc bag.

We play with ours on wax paper for easy clean up.

Hope you'll come to our Open House next week! Have a great weekend!


Lisawa said...

You are such a cool mom for making that with them! LOL You rock...

You all had a fantastic week... its sounds great....

In year 2 weeks 2 and 3 were my favorites in unit 1. Its all so fascinating...

Do you ever go to the website and use any links?? Sometimes they have great websites for the younger crowd too. Week 5 has a great site for grammar students on Vikings... year 2 History links....

be back soon... *Ü*

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful week! Lisa is right-you rock! I wish I had some borax-(I usually have it but we're out right now). We are having a rainy, blah day here so that would be fun to make.
I totally understand what you mean about teaching history and other religious. It is such a fine line with their impressionable, young minds.
(Love the bed head, lol. That is too cute.)

Melissa said...

Wow! Great stuff this week! We did the same exact Middle Ages lapbook and still look at it regularly. The missing teeth and gooey stuff make for a great photo. :)

Melissa (party of 5)