Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chug, chug, chugging along...

In the midst of the chaos, I am trying to make things as normal for the boys as I can. We are getting back on track, at least for the next few weeks, and trying to get caught up on some of our lessons.

Magnus is going to be doing a math lesson, two grammar lessons, and a page from his dictionary skills workbook a day. Thane is continuing to complete Book C of his Get Ready for the Code phonics workbook. I am still planning to complete our history lessons on the road by listening to the SOTW cds and doing the coloring pages. That will leave off exactly where we are starting with TOG Y2 U1 this coming school year.

I am also trying to plan at least our first month of school before we get to CA. Once the apartment is in some sort of order, I want to be able to open up my lesson planner and get started. I am going to have more accountability this year since I have decided to register with a charter school. I am going to have to meet with an "adviser" every other week and present to her what we have accomplished. This was a hard decision for me because I do not want to have "big brother" looking over my shoulder as I educate my boys. However, money is really tight and they will buy/lend us curriculum and books, I can sign the boys up to take a couple of classes if I choose, and it will give us an instant homeschool community. If I start to feel uncomfortable and not in control of our education, then I'll just drop it. No biggie. But right now I feel I have made the best decision for us.

I'll keep you posted on our packing and moving process.

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Some guy... said...

Sounds awesome, getting ahead of the game and all. Keep it up!

Oh, and I feel I should tell you, as someone in a university environment, "chugging" is pretty much NOT about homeschooling.