Monday, July 14, 2008

We Have An Offer!!!

We got an email from the Department of Student Housing today offering us an apartment! We have accepted the offer and move into out "little, tiny, baby, pretend house" at the end of August!

I am relieved! No more waiting. No more wondering.

So, what does this mean? Well, we will continue selling what we can on Craigslist, continue taking items to the Goodwill drop off, and continue scaling back. We have about 5 weeks to pack up the apartment now. No rush.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know that must be such a relief - now you can really start planning, right? I had my first craigslist experience a few weeks ago - we sold some barstools and a bed before having our stuff packed for Japan - and it was awesome! I got rid of both in just two days. And we ended up buying a Wii on there too, for a great price. I am a craigslist convert now.

Amy :)

zelda said...
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zelda said...
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Mama Peep said...

Gotta love craigslist!

I am so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to read about all your new experiences and adventures.

some guy... said...

Hey, stranger, congrats!

But I thought we already lived in a little tiny baby pretend house...

*GASP* Is this new place going to be the LITTLER TINIER BABIER PRETEND HOUSE?!?!?!?

TheTutor said...


Here is a great idea my dh had when we moved ourselves last summer. Decide on what size truck you are renting then mark-off that size space in your house. As you pack things up, place them in the marked-off area. (For furniture you need to keep using, measure it and make the marked-off area that much smaller.) This worked really well for us. I felt like I was going to have to get rid of EVERYTHING... there was no way we were going to pare down a 4-bedroom house with a full basement enough to fit into a 17' truck (plus car-top carrier and Suburban trunk), but it all fit, and I was amazed at what was able to fit in the truck. We even had some room to spare! It also allowed us to play around with packing arrangements to figure out the best fit BEFORE we picked up the truck.

Have fun paring down and packing. We'll be thinking about you.

Lisa Wallentine said...

Congrats! I visit your blog from time to time and try to keep up with all your news! :) I am sooo happy that things are working out for you.

Wonder which direction you will take when you move? I'd love if it we could meet somewhere even if it was just for lunch or something!!