Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally...We Have Some Answers...Well, Kind Of

(If you missed the previous post concerning my anxious feelings about our up coming move, you may want to scroll down and read the post below this one.)

Here is the latest:

Student Housing...We found out there are 20 families on the waiting list ahead of us. 20 families! I submitted our application way back in February and we still have that many people ahead of us. Crazy! Anyhow, she did say that we will have a good chance getting an apartment sometime in August. So, that is good news. I think. I really have mixed feelings about living in student housing.

Cons...(1.) I am not sure how this can even qualify as a two bedroom family apartment. This thing is 594 square feet! For those of you who have been to our current apartment, that is like cutting off the entire Master Bedroom Suite and 31 more square feet from some place! Click here to view the floor plan so you can get an idea of what I am saying. We are going to have to get creative with our space and storage.
(2.) The noise level will probably be high. I guess the walls, floors, and ceilings are pretty thin. And it is graduate family housing so there will be lots of kids.
(3.) No more dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer/dryer, central heat and air. I know those are conveniences and not necessities, but I will miss those nice

Pros...(1.) It's on campus and centrally located in Davis so we will be able to walk or ride our bikes most everywhere. We'll definitely save money on gas! We're also going back down to one vehicle so we'll save on insurance and maintenance costs too!
(2.) We will be living in a community full of people in the same situation we are in. We have great friends here in TN and we will miss them tremendously, but none of them are in the same situation we are in. None of them are married with kids trying to live on a very tight budget, juggling many jobs, while going to school full time. Granted, they have their own things they are dealing with, but it would be nice to have someone else who understands exactly what we are going through.
(3.) Free DSL!
(4.) No dogs allowed! Sorry "dog people". I like dogs but when they interfere with my well being, I don't like them anymore. So, no more stepping in dog droppings in front of my apartment! No more listening to unnecessary barking! No more worrying about my boys getting jumped on or bit!
(5.) Here is the biggie...the rent is roughly $250 cheaper than other two bedroom apartment in Davis.

So, now we just have to wait until they send us an email letting us know an apartment has become available to us. We will need to respond in two days by accepting it or declining it. If we accept, then we have to start paying rent from the day it becomes available to us whether or not we are able to move on that date. So, we pretty much have to be packed an ready to go by the first of August. If we decline, then we will be placed on the September move in waiting list. But, we will be placed ahead of those who requested a Sept. move in date from the beginning. Confusing!

We're going to give it a year commitment. If after that time we chose to move, so be it.

Natomas Charter School...Just received confirmation that our application has been received but I forgot to include some things. I'll be mailing that stuff out tomorrow. As far as the curriculum and books, I am going to wait to see what they have available for me to borrow and will also check out the Sacramento Library System's online catalog to see what they have. (Thanks for the information Sharon!)

Job Stuff...I am going to try not to worry about this until I get there. I really can't do much from here anyways.

So, I am feeling a bit better but am still a "glass half empty" type of gal these days. I don't like it and I am trying to snap out of it.


Lisawa said...

You know I have not been by for a bit... but I think of you often.... I did read you post form before... when you posted it... Im still praying for you!

It must be hard being in pause mode... cant rewind... but cant move forward yet either.... I cant imagine what you must be going through...

I love you and Im praying for you all!


Tina said...

((Brittney)) Praying for you all. :) I am sure you will make it work for you in the end. You are doing a wonderful job at looking at the pro's and the con's. I am very impressed. :)

Again, praying for you!

Some guy... said...

Don't get discouraged - at least you're not going through this alone! Your husband is supportive - some are not! Your kids are great - some are terrors! You COULD be moving to a place much less fun and beautiful! Time to pull that glass-half-empty mentality inside-out!

my5wolfcubs said...

(((HUG))) I haven't been to your blog in a long time! I read your previous post -- lots of changes, lots of unknowns...I'd be half-empty too! But August is coming, you'll see how God works it all out soon. :)