Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book Club...

Today was the first meeting of our book club. There are 5 families (8 kids) involved. We really want the kids to take ownership of this but we (the moms) will be around to guide the discussion if needed. The kids came up with some rules...we later called it our "compact".
1. Use only encouraging words
2. Raise you hand if you'd like to talk
3. Listen to others while they are talking
4. Group Leader is responsible for making sure the rules are being followed
5. Secretary keeps track of the time
A new group leader and secretary will be chosen at the beginning of each meeting.

Here is what we are doing now...
We decided since it's November, we would read and discuss The Magic Tree House #27 Thanksgiving on Thursday. During the week, the mom's are to read and discuss the research guide "Pilgrims" to give the kids a better understanding of the history of Thanksgiving. I'm sure most of us will also be adding other books and activities. We are homeschool moms after all :0) They are to read 4 chapters on their own and come prepared to discuss the characters, plot, ect. We made journals for them to record and narrate the story as well. At the meetings we will also read a chapter together, encouraging them to read aloud. At the end of the book we are planning a "feast" of our own. The kids are going to pick a name out of a hat and make a place mat for that person. There is also talk of a dramatization of the book. That could be interesting.
Anyhow, we are all real excited about this...I think the moms especially. Nothing like knowing you're going to get some adult conversation each week, even if it is about your kids and homeschooling :0)

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