Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Break To Do List

During this Thanksgiving break Collin will experience something he has not experienced for months...six days off in a row! :0) His break between semesters is even longer...Dec. 14 (depends on when his last final is) to mid January! We just found out he won't be able to work most of that time as well, which we are trying to look at as a blessing since there is nothing we can do about it. It will just make things really tight. So, he has some time on his hands...finally. He has some things he has to do...

1. Graduate school research
2. Complete and send graduate school applications
3. Writing
4. me with the following list. (I'll say "pretty please")

Here is the list of things I hope to get done by the middle of January (organized by room)

Living Room
1. Hang up storm door...DONE
2. Organize books
3. Print off pictures of trip, frame, and hang

Kitchen/Utility Room
1. Organize so it is more functional

Boy's Bedroom
1. Scour and purge (again!)
2. Figure out a "plan" for their clothes when they take them off. They are unable to hang them up by themselves, yet they are not dirty so they don't' belong in the basket.
3. Hang up hooks for their coats...DONE
4. Organize & purge videos...DONE
5. Organize closet-remove white dresser and add shelves...(dresser removed!)
6. Hang up curtain
7. Organize by size the clothes that are in storage so it's easier to switch seasonally.

1. Change the lightbulb
2. Organize closet

Master Bath
1. Decorate

Master Bedroom
1. Organize craft closet
2. Organize book shelf

1. File and purge important documents
2. Buy a fire proof lock box
3. Get items ready for consignment sale
4. Set up dinner with Father Ray and Beth...(sometime in December)
5. Organize digital pictures on the computer

1. Put the red Cherokee up for sale
2. Look into exhaust leak in white Cherokee
3. Top of fluids...(Cherokee DONE, still need to do Wrangler)

Wow! Looks like I/we will be keeping busy. That doesn't include the holiday stuff we are going to do either! I/we am/are going to have to find a good balance and figure out what is priority or I'll/we'll get burned out.

'Tis the season!

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