Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 1/2 years down...5 1/2 to go!

We are officially off "survival mode"! Collin has successfully finished another semester. Now we get him all to ourselves until the middle of January. Well, maybe not "all". He still has a few graduate school applications to fill out and send, a paper and more research to do on Boethius so he can present it at a Medieval Conference in May, cars to fix, and some fiction writing to do. But at least he will be around! :0)

So, he only has ONE more semester left in his undergraduate studies! Yeah!

Oh, and his application to the UC Davis Medieval program will be completed and sent electronically tonight! Yeah! Collin finally has some free moments to give all of this grad. school stuff that has been looming around the attention that it deserves. I know it has been weighing on him. Once all of the applications are in, then we just wait...

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