Saturday, December 29, 2007

Father Christmas Letter

Want to see what Father Christmas has been up to? This is the letter he left for the boys:

Dear Magnus and Thane,

First off, I must apologize for the lateness of this letter. I'm not one for excuses, but we've been having a most difficult time.

You both ask about polar bears. Well, without their help I might be writing this letter in a hut in the woods, instead of by the fire in my new home. Simply put, we were attacked. it seems a whole troop of arctic dwarfs has gone bad. we've been having trouble with them for some time-stolen toys, broken window, only they let all the reindeer out of their stalls-but nothing like this. A whole band of them, armed and carrying torches came marching over the hill. Treeble (he's the head elf here) went out to try to talk to them, but one of those dwarfs hit him with a club and knocked him down.

After that things got serious pretty quick. I sent Piffle (he was introduced to us last year as FC's special gnome friend he likes to play chess with) for help while the rest of us tired to hold off the dwarfs. We barricaded the door after pulling Treeble back inside. But they set fire to my workshop and a group of them climbed the snow cliff behind the house. They had gotten an ice giant from somewhere and with his help, they sent half that cliff down on top of us. The way the house shook-I was thrown off my feet!

I thought that might be the end of us, but just then, into their midst swept Rafner and his whole clan of polar bears. The dwarfs couldn't withstand the fury of those bears for long. And in the rear riding a little bear cub, smiling form ear to ear, was our dear Piffle.

The gnomes cheered when the dwarfs and the ice giant took to their heels, but it was clear I'd have to move. Those dwarfs smashed the stables, nearly burned down the workshop, and buried half the house with ice and snow.

So here I sit, mourning the loss of my pen, my sealing wax, and my seal, but thankful that no one was hurt (except for the dwarfs and a nasty bump on Treeble's head.), for my new home and for your letters. Piffle and Mother Christmas say "Hello", and we all wish you...
Merry Christmas!
(signed) FC
PS Hey boys! It's me! Piffle!!!I liked your pictures so much, I thought I'd draw you one! This is what those wicked dwarfs saw when the looked back!

The boys were so excited to receive FC's letter, they brought it directly to our room to read it without digging into their stockings and gifts. The boys especially liked the part where the dwarfs "took to their heels"! They both have used that phrase in some way or another. If I remember correctly, Thane actually said, "tipped to their heels"! It was pretty cute! We are looking forward to reading about the adventures FC, Piffle, Treeble, and Rafner have next year!


LisaWA said...

Happy New Year! Just checking on WW!

What a cute story! *Ü*


my5wolfcubs said...

That is such a fun story! And with illustrations! Hope you're saving these treasures for the boys to share w/ their children!
Lee (from the WTM board)

Melkhi said...

That is so clever! I can see why the boys read the letter first.

LBJ said...

Indeed a wonderful gift to the boys ;) Your blogs are so good, Britt! I am most impressed with your diligence. Thanks for giving Wes and I a shout out!! :0) We love you!