Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weekly Report

I'm not quite sure what to make of this week. We weren't able to take Holy Communion on Christmas Eve, we've had the windows open due to the warm temperatures, I've been a little grumpy, and aliens have kidnapped my 6 year old! Here's the run down...

Monday...Christmas Eve...Collin decided to start a project with the boys. He has been reading The Hobbit to them again. One thing you have t
o understand about Collin is that when he reads aloud, he really makes the story come alive. He not only uses different voices for every character, he also makes scenes from the story using blocks and other props. The boys love it when Daddy reads to them. So, they each worked on making dioramas from their favorite parts of the book. Thane likes Smog's cave. Magnus likes the part where the Goblins are driving the dwarfs and Bilbo deep into the cave. Collin worked on the part where Bilbo is fighting the spiders. (I had some great pics of them working on them, but I must have deleted them by accident) This proved to be a bigger project than had anticipated so they are going to continue working on them. I'll post pictures when they are completed. That night, we all got dressed up for church, but we pulled into an empty parking lot. We thought we were meeting at 5pm at our usual meeting spot (a school cafeteria...we lost our beautiful church when we separated from the Episcopal Church and found leadership under the Convocation of Anglicans in North America) but we were wrong. We still don't know what happened. We headed home and had our own little worship service.

Tuesday...Merry Christmas...I felt like a little kid. I had trouble getting to sleep and then woke up at 5:22am! Thankfully the boys were up at 6:18 and so we got Dad up then. I was so excited for everyone to open their gifts. I love giving gifts to people
. Collin surprised me with this Venetian glass necklace from Kay Jewelers...
Apparently he set aside some of the money he received from the Peck Award he received earlier in the month. He said I was entitled to some of it too. What a sweetheart! Our individual libraries, the boy's Playmobil sets, and Collin's pipe collection, including a humidor, were also expanded. We had a nice, quiet Christmas at home.

Wednesday...After cleaning the house, we had our dear friends, Wes and Laura Beth, over. We love hanging out with them. Lots of laughs, Arrested Development quotes, philosophical discussions, and alcohol (within reason, of course. We are all responsible adults.). We are hoping to be at the same grad. school with Wes next year. It would be good for all of us.

Thursday...We were honored by being invited to a friend's birthday party. Yes, we look at it as an honor anytime we are invited to such occasions. We spent the early afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese eating pizza, playing games, and engaging in sensory overload. Collin has a theory about that place that I will post about at another time. It'll definitely make you think. Regardless, we had a great time celebrating our friend, Noah, turning 6!

Friday...We took advantage of the gloomy, gray, wet weather.

It began pouring rain soon after we got outside, but that didn't stop them from having fun.

As far as school goes...The boys worked on their dioramas and read non-stop. I was able to finish planning out our history for the year, as well as gathering materials and worksheets for Thane's ABC study this coming semester. I also decided against doing a plant study this year for science. We are just going to concentrate on the human body. I still have all of my planning left for that to do this coming week. Come Wednesday next week, we will be back on track and doing our "formal" studies. I think we are ready...


Zelda said...

Sounds like a super week! Love the pics. Kids in Wellies...cutest thing ever.

my5wolfcubs said...

Love the sailing the boat in the standing water picture! Are the boys enjoying the Playmobil? Definitely more pieces for your dh's reading/storytelling cast!
PS Sorry to hear you missed the Christmas Eve service!