Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekly Report

What an incredibly busy week. It was full of the "s" word...socialization. Some planned, some unplanned. By the end of the week, I just needed to lock myself in my house and get some other stuff done. Here is what our week looked like...

Monday...After dropping Collin off at school (his Wrangler is leaking water and has a flat tire and therefore inoperable) we headed to the library for story time. While driving on the interstate, this library is about 20 miles north of our house, I noticed a rather loud clanking coming from the engine. I pulled off as soon as I could (my Dad drilled this into my head when I was younger). The oil was bone dry. Not good. I called Collin but he couldn't come to my rescue because he had no way to get to us. He (being knowledgeable about cars) was able to walk me through a series of steps (I do know a bit about cars myself) to see if it was drivable. Luckily my friend was also headed to the library and picked us up along the way. Once story time was over, we decided the Jeep was okay to drive, but Kara was going to follow behind and become my taxi the rest of the day. There wasn't any lasting damage to the engine, or so we think, so we are still able to drive it. Praise God! We also went to our Chess Club's Christmas party that night.

Tuesday...Craft Day! We spent the day at our friend's house making Christmas gifts for our family members. I really want to tell you what they were, but my family reads this. I can say that they turned out really great and am sure they are going to love them. That night we had Collin's Peck award ceremony. You can read about it here

Wednesday...kind of a blur. All I remember is going to Hobby Lobby with Kara and the kids. The boys had their "Happy Birthday, Jesus" parties at Awana and Collin & I went to our kick boxing class.

Thursday...I was in heaven! We went to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale. Everything there was 1/2 off and brand new! I spent a little more money than I had wanted, but I couldn't resist. I got quite a few gifts. Then we had book club. We read Jan Brett's Christmas Trolls. The kids loved looking for Hedgie and seeing the mischief he was getting into. They also all learned a new word..."sqabble". I'm waiting to hear it in a perfectly constructed sentence from Magnus' mouth. He loves using "big" words correctly. In fact, this week he said, "Mom, when I see them coming I will rap on the door to let you know." Why didn't he just say "knock on the door"? Well, he likes words. When he hears one he likes, he files it away and uses it at just the right time. I love to hear the things he comes up with. That night we went out to eat with some friends to celebrate a birthday. The boys were good, but very was I.

Friday...we stayed home all day (well, after we went to the Chiropractor) in our pajamas, listened to Christmas music and did school work. We were able to get caught up on our spelling, grammar, and math from the previous week and this week. I was also able to do all of the laundry and get the house clean.

Overall, it was a very productive week. I learned my limits, and my kid's, too. We were able to get some school work done, hang out with friends, and get some Christmas stuff completed. This weekend and next week we are taking it easy. Collin has finals next week. We are looking forward to spending more time with him once he is done with that and his graduate school application that is due the 15th (UC Davis).

Happy Homeschooling!

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LisaWA said...

So glad the jeep is ok! It sounds like a great week... Your Friday sounds the best! Staying at home and in jammies all day... my kind a day! lol

Have a wonderful weekend!