Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Envelope, Please"...

And the winner of the desired "Collin" award in the category of graduate school goes too...(drumroll please...)

UC Davis!


LisaWA said...

Its not the PN, but I'll take it! Are you excited? *Ü*



Zelda said...

Whoo hoo! We won!

Let's have lunch.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Although I'm one of your quiet bloggy readers, I have to speak up here. :) I've been rooting for UCD since that's where we did the grad student family thing for several years. (My husband did his grad work in computer science at UCD.) It's a good place to be a homeschooling student family. We now live in Sacramento. :) Welcome to the neighborhood!

Brittney said...

Yeah! We are very excited! It is a great fit for Collin and we are so excited about being back on the West Coast!
LisaWA...we will definitely be in contact when we head up to WA to visit family!
Zelda...Lunch?!? As long as it's not at Swallows! (Did I get the name right?)
Sharon...We have GOT to talk! AND do lunch! How fun!

California...here we come!

Lori Carr said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

I have some questions about All About Spelling. I am really looking into it for dd11 and ds6. I am not doing any spelling right now. Dd11 can't spell worth a lick(I am thinking this will be a great fit for her) and ds6 has never done spelling. Do I need to order 2 books and material packets or just 1? I am thinking I only need one set of everything. But having not actually seen the program I wasn't sure.

Grammar I still have no idea what we will be doing. That is my last decision to make for the fall. I still have no clue!:)

Hope the move goes well! Are the kids excited?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know it must be a relief to finally know for sure where you are going...

Amy :)