Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sketch Tuesday

The boys and I have been enjoying this challenge. We sit down together and do it as part of our Fine Arts Fridays. This week's assignment was to sketch something that was "alive".

This is Magnus' picture of a rattle snake.
I like the little "motion lines" he included around the rattle.

This is Thane's picture of an Octopus.
I like the way he used the whole piece of paper for his sketch.

Here is mine. I am enjoying this!

Be sure to check out all the fantastic sketches at Barb's Heart of Harmony Blog. See you next week! Oh, it won't be the "official" sketch Tuesday next week since Barb is taking a break from school, but I will have something posted that we created on Friday.


Lori Carr said...

You all did such a great job! They all look wonderful!!


Tina said...

Wonderful job boys! I just love your too. :o)


Anonymous said...

I think the best one is the one their mommy did - a drawing of a flower by a flower.