Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekly Report

I can't believe how well school has been going for us. I am nervous that something is going to happen to mess things up. We had another great week! Things are moving along smoothly, the boys are enjoying their work, and I've even been able to keep up with the housework (well, mostly!). Here is the run down...

History (Both)
This week we started learning about Rome. We listened to a story about Romulus and Remus and the Rise of Rome. They did a coloring page and a mosaic like the Etruscans. We used a paper plate smeared with frosting and dried beans.

We are a little behind schedule and I am not sure how we are going to finish the curriculum before next year. Wait...just had a brain storm...we will listen to the stories and do the coloring pages as we drive across country in our moving truck! Fantastic! Alright, no more worries!

Language Arts (Magnus)
Grammar...He's been moving right along in his Growing With Grammar book. He is excited to do it and asks to complete more than is scheduled. I am careful not to let him though as I want him to get a good grasp of the concepts before moving ahead to quickly. He's been learning about subjects, predicates, and word order. So glad we made the switch to this program.
Spelling...We are almost finished with All About Spelling Level 1 and will be starting Level 2 as soon as I get all of the cards cut out and organized. He is able to recite the rules to me, but as far as applying them, I am not sure he is making the connection. He is getting almost all of the words correct when I dictate them to him, but I have noticed spelling errors with other subjects. I plan to review the words in level 1 before moving onto level 2 to try to figure out what is going on.

Dictionary Skills Workbook...I think this is his favorite thing to do. I'm wondering what I am going to replace this with once he finishes it. I was thinking about the Explode the Code books just to give him a stronger foundation in phonics since I never really did do a "formal" program with him.

Phonics (Thane)
Thane was wanting to do more school. As it was, I was only having him complete 4 pages in his Get Ready for the Code workbooks and sit in on History and Nature Study. He was ready for more. So, we've added something that he is loving! I purchased Happy Phonics and we started that. I was planning to start it next year, but after looking through it, there wasn't any reason for me not to start it now. So, after spending 9 hours...yes, 9 hours!...cutting, assembling, and organizing all of the games, we started it this week. The "game" approach to learning and reinforcement works well for the boys so I knew this program was going to be a hit. Right now we are working on him recognizing the corresponding Uppercase and Lowercase letters. We played a matching game called Muffin Match and he did really well. After looking through everything involved with the program, I am also going to have Magnus play too.

Math (Magnus)

I thought this week's lessons were going to be a challenge for him. I was wrong. He picked up on it quickly. We worked with the base 10 picture cards and learned how to "trade" and add 3 4-digit numbers with using them. He did well. He's still having problems counting by 2's so we'll have to work on that. In fact, he is having some trouble with basic addition facts. I know Right Start discourages the use of memorizing the facts and using flashcards, but if I don't see improvement with this, I may have to do that. I'll check the RS yahoo groups and see what they would suggest.

Nature Study (Both)
We went to our local nature center's 'Boro Wild program on Thursday. They have been learning about different habitats and the four things needing in those habitats...shelter, food, water, and space. Today, they randomly chose an animal out of a "hat" and they had to become that animal and build a habitat with various craft and natural materials. Magnus was a squirrel. Here is what his home looked like...

He created a nest in the tree, made acorns, designed a puddle, and even formed a squirrel holding an acorn (the yellow object...Was really good. Just can't tell from the angle of the picture).

Thane was a bird. Here is what his home looked like...

He got a little "happy" with all of the resources available to use and I think used them all! He formed a nest out of pipe cleaners, a bird out of modeling dough, and glued real leaves to his habitat.

Homeschool storytime.
Tuesday...Had so say goodbye to our dear friends as they packed up their moving truck and headed to MA. To tell you the truth, I really didn't know how to handle it. I have never had someone move away from *me*...*I* am always the one moving away.
Anyhow, it is going to be a great opportunity for them to be back near family and we are very happy for them. After our tearful goodbyes, we headed to Magnus' swim lessons. He jumped off the diving board into the 10 ft. water for the first time!
Thursday...Swim Lessons. This was the last one for this session and he passed onto the next level! His confidence in water and his swimming ability has improved so much! I am very proud of him.
Friday...after our school work, we headed to the zoo.

Yep...he points with his middle finger. Always has.

Not quite sure how much school will be getting done next week. We will be preparing for the arrival of Grandpa and Grandma from WA and Poppy and Nana from IA. They are coming to celebrate Collin's graduation next Saturday! We've got a lot of great stuff planned, lots of great food to eat, and lots of great drinks to drink! Whoo Hoo!


LisaWA said...

HI friend! You did have a great week...

Goodbyes are always hard... Im sorry... Praise the Lord for phones and computers hu?

Too funny about the middle finger pointing... silly boy...

Glad things are moving well for you all... The nature activities you are involved in are pretty cool.... I hope you continue that when in Cali... I wounder if they have something similer??

Have a great weekend... we have blue sky and sunshine so I am one happy camper.

((((BIG Hug)))) Lisa

susie said...

I've used Level B, C, D and now E of RightStart. I encourage you to play the games to help learning the math facts. What level are you in? I also found that at some point, the kids just seem to *know* the math facts, even though not long before I was concerned that they didn't know them.

susie in tx

Tina said...

Wow! I am amazed at all you do. :o)

So glad GWG is working for you and you're happy with it!