Monday, April 28, 2008

Why are some kids so mean?

Ugh! I am so frustrated and so mad!!!!!

Magnus has a very creative imagination. He likes to dress up and pretend he is different people living out different adventures. I love it and encourage it greatly.

Well, this afternoon he was outside playing and some teenagers walked by and laughed at him and said he was "a silly kid". I am furious! As they walked back by I confronted them. They said they didn't say anything, but I know they are lying. Magnus is inside crying because they hurt his feelings and now he won't go back out.

My heart is hurting for him.


Mama Peep said...

I am so angry with you! How dare they hurt his feelings and then deny it. Intentional or not they hurt him and they need to accept responsibilty. I detest this sort of behavior.

You can tell him the peeps and I think he is one very cool and smart peep. Never mind what those teens said. They just don't understand cool!


Brittney said...

So glad you are feeling this anger with me! I am STILL upset about it. And you are so right on...they DON'T understand cool!
I think I may have let them off the hook too easily, but if there is a next out! Mama Bear is on the prowl!


Daisy said...

Uugh, what is with kids today??!! My children would have been outside playing the same thing.

Time to have the talk about how insecure folks feel the need to tear down others.

Sharon said...

Oh gosh, Brittney, that's heartbreaking! Good for you for putting those kids on notice. I had to deal with a couple of boys teasing my 11yo dd this week, and it was all I could do to stay calm. It made me sooo mad!!

We'll definitely have to get together when you all move out here, because I've got one of those sensitive, creative little guys too!

Lori Carr said...

Yep, we are having to deal with the same thing with our dd11. She is a 11 year old that still likes to get in the mud, get on the floor and play stuffed animals with her brothers. She is not into boys, make-up, or brand name clothes. So, she is pretty much looked at as a baby in older kids eyes. So sad but I am so proud of her. She still goes on doing what she likes. We have learned who to avoid. The new cool thing around our town is for 5th graders to get their eyebrows waxed!! 5th grade!! What ever happened to being a little kid???

LisaWA said...

Brittney.. I hear ya... my hackles go up when things like this happen.... It is the momma bear instinct!! Roar!

I agree w/ Patricia... its to bad the couldnt own up to it.... if ya say it... ya better be willing to admit to it.


Sheralyn said...

I fear this will happen to us too eventually. My son sounds a lot like yours and he has *no idea* that most other kids are more inhibited about being kids then he is. Hope you're past the anger now.
Sheralyn (Parabola WTM)
ps: I LOVE Arrested Development, have all three seasons on DVD!!

Tina said...

Poor little guy! And ditto to what Mama Peep said! :o) I know her and she is one cool peep! :o)

Blessings my friend!


PS: my kids love to dress up too. Check out the costumes they made: And they still use them! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been known to laugh and call my kids 'silly kids'. Are you sure they were trying to be mean? But maybe actually enjoying his cute antics of dress up? Not sticking up for them if this was not the case, but 'silly kid' at least where I come from is not a put down.

I truly hope they were not intentionally being mean. Either way I am so sorry that it hurt your sons feelings. :-/ grrrr